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Q: What causes a balloon to hold its shape?
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What keeps the balloon to hold its shape?

The shape of the balloon is determined by the shape of the deflated rubber and the thickness of the rubber. The neck is usually thicker than the body, thus the body will expand far more than the neck. The pressure exerted upon the air by the balloon's elasticity creates the final inflated shape. If the thickness in the body of the balloon varies, the balloon will not be perfectly round. The thickness of the neck rubber forces the balloon to be more pear-shaped than spherical.

What happens if you hold the balloon over the paper for several minutes?

If you hold the balloon over the paper for several minutes, nothing significant will happen. The balloon will continue to hold its shape, and the paper will not be affected by it. The only change you may observe is a slight static charge buildup on the balloon, which could potentially cause lightweight objects like the paper to be attracted to it.

What is a punching balloon?

punching balloons are balloons that have rubber bands attached to it then you blow it up into a big balloon then put your hand on the rubber band hold it into a fist shape and start punching it

How much can a air balloon hold?

how much helium can a air balloon hold

Why is it when a water balloon is popped it keeps it shape?

because it treches the balloon out and it thats how its takesthe shape

When a gas like helium is used to fill balloons it does what and takes the shape of the balloon?

the gas takes the shape and size of the balloon

How much can a waters balloon hold?

It can hold up to, 8 to 17oz. It matters how big your balloon is.

What is placed inside the balloon that form its shape?

The balloon is filled with a gas.

How much air can a water balloon hold?

It can hold up to, 8 to 17oz. It matters how big your balloon is.

What causes the pressure in a balloon?

The elastic property of the balloon. The balloon stretches when inflated, and squeezes the gas filling the balloon.

What is the hypothesis for a rocket balloon?

The hypothesis for a balloon rocket is whether the shape of the balloon will affect the distance that it will travel.

Is a balloon an oval shape?