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Well it sounds like a pinched nerve.Years ago I had same. it turned out that I had tarsal tunnel syndrome.Which is similar to carpal. Also may be peripheral neuropothy. Common in diabetics but can be "idiopathic" or unknown. Can be isolated to one area of hands & or feet. But, may also appear in face and jaw. Regardless a burning sensation is most likely nerve-based as previously posted.

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Q: What causes a burning sensation in the left ankle?
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What causes a burning stinging aching sensation on the outside of left ankle?

probably a skin condition.

What causes a burning sensation in upper left abdomen while pregnant?


Which vitamin deficiency causes burning sensation in left head above left ear?

b 12

Burning sensation in left arm?

arm and leg

What is the burning sensation in the left arm?

Maybe you hit your funny bone.

What is the cause if a burning sensation on your left side by your waist?

Gas trouble

When drinking a hot beverage you have a burning sensation in your lungs and left rib cage is sensitive?

When we drink hot beverage, we have a burning sensation, so the hot beverage actually expands the air in the lungs, causing the lungs to bloat a little( actually unnoticeable) so this heat in our lungs touches the ribs causing the burning sensation. it is the left rib because oxygen that we take in enters the left lung so left lung expands and so on...

What causes pain under left shoulder blade?

what causes pain and burning under my left shoulder blade?

Why would there be a burning sensation in my left nipple?

breast cancer or gonherrea

What could cause pain on the left side of the right knee like a burning sensation?


Why is your upper outer ear have a burning sensation?

neck stiffness as well as pain in left side of neck burning tingling in outer ear

What causes pins and needles sensation in left foot and leg?

A pinched nerve

Why do you have a pains and burning sensation by your left rib cage?

because of increase in production of melanin around the lips

Why do you have a burning sensation in your left nipple after eating spicy food or coffee?

ummm...thats where your heart is

Why is your left foot always fat?

i take atenolol 25mg tablet daily it causes my left ankle to swell

What causes a burning feeling in your left arm?

only pain

What are some conditions that cause a burning sensation in the soles of your feet?

A burning sensation in the soles of your feet can be caused by many conditions. Neuropathy, Diabetes, Athlete's Foot, and Peripheral Neuropathy are some of the possible conditions that can cause burning in the soles of a person's feet.

Burning feeling chest thanupper back for 1 month. Help?

I have upper left back pain with a burnnig sensation it is causing me pain what could it be? paul I have upper left back pain with a burnnig sensation it is causing me pain what could it be? paul I have upper left back pain with a burnnig sensation it is causing me pain what could it be? paul

Why do I have a burning sensation on my left breast and itching both on the nipple is that something you should be worried about?

ummm im not sure, but i'd contact your doctor

What is Kate Gosselin's tattoo on her left ankle?

The tattoo on Kate Gosselin's left ankle is of Winnie the Pooh.

What causes numbness in a left thumb?

Nerve issues are a common cause of numbness in the left thumb, or in the fingers. Nerves can also cause a tingling sensation in the fingers as well.

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Put it on your ankle opposite the side of your dominent hand. ex. Right handed- left ankle Left handed- right ankle

You have pain in the left side of your back area - almost like an ache or a burning sensation - what could this be?

If common home remedies don't work, check in with your doctor.

What would cause a burning or pain sensation in left arm?

Almost anything. The one thing to worry about is a cardiac episode. (infarct, ischemia)

What does it mean to sprain an ankle?

To sprain your ankle means that you have damaged the ligaments by twisting the joint (the right or left ankle).