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Lower levels of light are what causes the dimmer switch to heat up. The extra electricity that is not being used when the light is lowered is sent to the circuitry of the dimmer switch. The heating up is normal.

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Q: What causes a dimmer switch to heat up?
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What causes the dashboard lights and radio light to turn off when the headlights are on in 2004 Sienna?

Probably because the dimmer switch is turned off. Turn the dimmer switch up and see if the dashlights and radio illumination lamps come on.

What does the dimmer switch on a 1994 Nissan pick up truck control?

Dimmer switch controls the selection of either Hi-Beam or Low-Beam headlights

Can a dimmer switch be used up stream or downstream of a gfci?


Why does your dash lights keep blowing fuse when turning dimmer switch up?

I suspect the switch is bad.

Can you put 650 watts on a 600 watt dimmer?

No. Going out of the manufactures recommended rating is not recommended. The dimmer will build up heat,that the heat sinks can not dissipate. The additional heat will eventually destroy the device.

What causes your 1999 explorers dashlites front interior lite ac-heat control lites sunroof all not to work Fuses are all good and dimmer switch has been replaced for dash and is turned up?

Throw the car away and that will fix all problems.

How do you replace a relay dimmer switch on a 1972 VW Beetle?

the dimmer switch is the far left relay on the fuse/relay rack under the front bonnet, pull up and wiggle the relay to remove it

Where is the dome light switch on a 2000 ford ranger super cab?

it is the dimmer switch on the dash roll it all the way up

When you turn the heat switch to heat it clicks and will not heat up?

that is true

What is an example of Ohms Law?

The simplest example of Ohm's Law is an old fashioned dimmer switch in your house. As you turn the dimmer switch up, the light gradually brightens until it reaches full intensity. Conversely, you can turn the dimmer switch down, and the light gradually darkens.The dimmer switch is a variable resistor. That is, the electrical resistance of the dimmer switch changes as you rotate the knob. Ohm's Law tells us that the flow of current is directly proportional to the voltage, and inversely proportional to the resistance. Since the voltage across the switch doesn't change, the only thing that changes is the resistance when you turn the dimmer switch knob.As you turn the dimmer switch down, you are actually increasing the resistance of the dimmer switch. The current is inversely proportional to the resistance, so as the resistance goes up, the current (flow of electricity) goes down, and the light gets darker. This is an example of Ohm's Law.NOTE: This example applies to rheostat switches, and does not apply to modern current-clipping dimmer switches. Rheostat switches are seldom used now because they can overheat, but the illustration is still a useful example of Ohm's Law.

What causes rear wheel hubs to heat up?

what causes rear wheel rotors to heat up

On a 1995 Galant why would the instrument lights go off when headlights are on?

turn the dimmer switch up.

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