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If there is a bulge near the belly button (and not the stomach which is slightly higher) then I would say it is a hernia, and you can Google umbilical hernia to check what it says. A lot of babies have this and it usually clears up. Sometimes a small procedure is necessary. Check with your doctor. This is where your duodenum is (a small tube going from the stomach)to your gut. It could be in spasm. If you drink (even moderately) or drink lots of coffee, tea, pop or spicy foods then stop for awhile and rest your stomach. Yogurt is a good thing to eat to soothe the stomach and duodenum. Your body is telling you something. If it doesn't go away in a week please see your doctor. There is nothing to fear and all you will get is some chalky substance to drink and an x-ray taken (as you are leaning against a slab that moves backwards and sideways so the x-ray can pick-up ulcers, etc.

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Can you get a belly button peircing if you have a hernia?

I would say no. A hernia is inside your stomach and you have a lump around your belly button. So my guess would be if you have a hernia, you can't get your belly button pierced.

Where is a blue whales belly button?

On its stomach

Is lillian Garcia ticklish?

lillian is very ticklish on her sides and stomach, especially around her belly button

Is there an opening in the Belly button?

There was, when you were in your mothers stomach, but not anymore.

Did Alfred Hitchcock have a belly button?

Alfred Hitchcock was indeed born with a belly button. In one of the many surgeries he had during his lifetime, the skin was stretched over his stomach where his belly button was.

What is the hole called in the stomach?

It is called belly button which shows up outside on stomach.

What do you call the button in the stomach?

It has many names: * navel * umbilicus * belly button * pupik

What causes Dull pain to the left of the belly button?

What causes pain in upper left side of the belly

Where is your uterus in your stomach?

Just underneath and behind your belly button.

What organ is located above the belly button?

the stomach and intestines

Why is your belly button purple?

cause someone punched you in the stomach

Do girls get belly button lint?

Everyone does or has at one time or another assuming they have a hairy stomach. Belly button lint (lintus-belly) occurs in hairy men and women. If a woman is prone to waxing her stomach, she will get lint because her belly button became a safe haven for the lint. A woman who never has to wax her belly is less likely to have her belly button become host to lint. If a girl has a deep belly button, she will find more lint in it if she digs in it. If a girl has a shallow belly button, she will find less lint in it, but will easily be able to see it since her belly button isn't deep.

Why might a girl's belly button smell?

Lack of personal hygiene is what causes the girls belly button smell.

Does everyone have a belly button?

Everyone has a belly button because your umbilical cord is connected to it and that's what gives you air and food when you are in your mom's stomach.

Is the front of a diaper supposed to go around the stomach or go just bellow the belly button or over it?

A proper diaper fit should be just below the belly button. However, you will find that sometime when a child is in between sizes you will have no choice but put on a diaper that slightly covers the belly button

Sore belly button?

i am 46 year old, female. i had my tubes tied below belly button in 1987. i do not have a belly button ring. my belly button has pain in and around it with a terrible smell

Why is your belly button getting discolored?

One reason that a belly button can become discolored is because you are pregnant. Most of the time, your belly button will become darker and more prominent as your stomach grows throughout your pregnancy.

Where is renee of mew mew powers mark?

On her stomach, where her belly-button is.

Can some people not have a belly button?

no because when your in your mothers stomach your umbilical cord feeds you and and when you come out they cut it and in a few days yous get a belly button

Can you sleep on your stomach with a new belly button piercing?

Yeah it doesnt matter but it can pull if you lie on your stomach.

Does your belly button produce wax?

No it does not produce wax. This is actually a really stupid question. Your belly button is there because when you were in your mothers womb you had this cord called the umbilical cord and it was attached to your stomach so you could get nutrients from your mother. Well when you came out of the womb the doctors cut this cord and it now makes your belly button. So your belly button is connected to your stomach and does not have any wax producing glands.

Does the bottom or the top of your stomach get big first when your pregnant?

The bottom does because the uterus grows upward. Around 20 weeks you should feel a harder belly at belly button height.

What causes a knot above the belly button with pain?

A hernia

You are pregnant and you keep getting stomach pains under your belly button?


What causes belly bottom pain during pregnancy?

Did you mean belly BUTTON, not belly BOTTOM? Because "belly bottom" isn't a thing.