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Did it start out as a red bump, or had you noticed it before - was it a clear to light yellowish color? Its most likely pingueculitis caused by any one of a number of things... contact lenses brushing against them, Allergies, rubbing the eyes... If it's not terribly bothersome, you can probably use an over the counter eye drop, but - if you're having any discharge, watering or light sensitivity it could more of an infection, at which point, I'd advise seeing your primary care physician or your Optometrist/Opthamalogist so they can prescribe you an antibiotic or steroid drop to clear that up. Hope that helped... Cindy

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Q: What causes a little red inflamed bump in your eye?
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What is cellulitis of the eye?

Cellulitis of the eye is a condition where the tissues and skin around the eye become inflamed. They could also get infection and this is what causes the inflammation.

What is the Yellowish bump in the eye?

high cholesterol causes a fatty deposit in the eye

What causes small bumps and redness around the eye?

8rn2nIt might be a sty which is an inflamed or infected pore around your eye. It can happen randomly but most often happens if you wear eye makeup

What causes a little red bump in the eye that causes the person to see black and white?

I doubt the little red bump is a direct cause of this symptom. The Retina of the eye is basically a large membrane of nerves which are light sensitive. Some of these are rod shaped cells and some are cone shaped. The cones are more in the center and are responsible for color vision. We have far fewer cones than rods. The rods see in black and white. It would seem that something has damaged or destroyed the cones of the Retina. As for the red bump I am uncertain. See an optometrist immediately before you loose more of your vision. You could have Glacoma--this will damage the retina--it is a build up of pressure inside the eye-ball.

What can cause a bump on your eye lids?

what cause bump on eye lids

What could a little red bump on the outside of your eyelid be?

the little red bump on the outside of your eye could be whats called a stye. To get rid of it use a pure gold ring or leave it to go away by its self.

What does it mean when you have a bump on your eye?

that's not a bump that's the lens in your eye that sticks out

Why do you have a bump on your eye?

What bump are you talking about

Why do you have a bump in the middle of your eye?

baby bump!

Bump on eye?

A bump on the eye can be related to a number of different conditions. These include styes or chalazions, which are found on the eyelid.

What could a little red bump on your eyelid be?

If it is on the inside it could by a "Sty"... There are several over the counter "Eye Sty" removers. Good luck.

What causes a sty in the eye?

Styes are caused by bacteria. The bacteria irritate an eyelid oil gland making it inflamed, red and tender. This bacterium is often found in the nose, and it's easily transferred to the eye by rubbing first your nose, then your eye. It can also be from makeup; using other people's eyeliner and mascara or not taking your makeup off at night.

You cut your cornea and now your eye is inflamed is it okay to ice it?

NO because you don't want to invite more germs to your eye.

What disease has pus in eye inflamed red eyes photo phobia swelling eyelid white spot on the eyelids?

eye infection

White pimple like bump on eye?


What could a bump in the eye area be?

saiy saiy

What does a red bump in between your eye and eyebrow mean?

pimple or wart

Can your contacts cause a bump on the white part of mt eye?

i dont wear contacts, so i am not 100% sure. but if it causes any pain, then i would go and visit ur optitian now.

What does a stye on the eye look like?

A stye eye is a small, reddish bump on the eye's lining (usually where eyeliner is applied on the bottom of the eye). Sometimes, it has a white tip.

What part of the eye gets inflamed and becomes pink when dust gets into?


Why is the eye important to the other parts of the body?

you will not bump into anything

What would cause a dog's eye to become swollen and inflamed?

it could be from a bee sting or a bug bite

Your dogs outer left eye is inflamed what chould it be?

maybe conjunctivitus or alergic reaction from uh somethiiiing.

What is a red bump in the eye in the left hand side?

See a doctor.

Does an inward bump on the head need medical attention.?

no but keep an eye on it