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What causes a rebuilt 409 engine passenger side exhaust pipe to get red hot up to the muffler?

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Timing way off, this Should be causing both sides to glow. other is lean burn, why one side would do it hmmmmmm Compression test to make sure no plugged intake? Carberated or Injected, all injectors working< Have Cat convertor? dual exhaust no cat conv? that side plugged after muffler?

2006-07-25 06:50:39
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What causes a muffler to split?

Useully caused by a backfire thru the exhaust from poor ignition gases built up

What causes backfire through exhaust on 1986 GMC only on passenger side with dual exhaust?

I would suspect the spark plug wires are installed incorrectly on the passenger side.

What causes smoke to come out of exhaust in a Petrol 1995 Suzuki Escudo?

if it is white smoke engine need to rebuilt.

What causes a bad muffler?

A muffler going bad can be caused by many things. But generally, it is either contact with the ground causing a dent, oil burning causing sludge and residue in the muffler, or corrosion from age and moisture in the exhaust pipe causing a hole or the collapse of baffles.

What causes backfire from exhaust pipe?

Unburned fuel in the exhaust system causes the backfire from the exhaust pipe.

Can Wrong muffler causes engine light to stay on?

yes can cause poor exhaust flow and cause car to set codes for cat. converter, o2 sensors ,or fuel trim

What causes a rebuilt 1991 351 w engine passenger side exhaust to get red hot?

The fuel injectors on the passenger side of the engine must not be getting enough fuel or fuel pressure. That side of the engine runs dead lean and therefore very hot. A mechanic can verify that in minutes. If the timing was way advanced, causing a hot condition, both sides of the engine would be hot.

What causes exhaust fumes to smell in the car?

it would have 2 b a exaust leak or the little hose going 2 your breather element isn't attached properlyAnswercould be your cat as well Damaged or restricted exhaust system components; Restricted, loose or burned out muffler.straight out, go to an exhaust shop. u have a leaky exhaustAnswerNo who, but what. All internal combustion engines emit exhaust fumes.

Does removing a muffler help fuel mileage in a cummons 2005?

Having a free flow muffler will help improve fuel economy. In most mufflers on the market the air flow is by having the exhaust air take two 180 degree turns u turns. This restricts the airflow and causes immense back pressure. Having a straight through airflow muffler will improve mileage which is just like removing a muffler. By removing a muffler there is reduction in weight and improvement in back pressure. You may be cited for driving without a muffler, as it is required for noise control and pollution control.

What causes a raddleing noise on the passenger side of the motor only when it is idleing on a 97 ford ranger 2.3l?

It could be one of the heat shields on the exhaust system

Can a bad muffler cause the check engine light to come on?

Your bad muffler might be part of the reason your check engine light comes on. Usually, your bad muffler causes something else to go wrong and that causes your check engine light to come on. Problems cascade.

Could the fumes be cause their is hole in muffler?

A hole in a muffler is from two causes. It has either rusted through or been damaged by something hitting it.

What causes a car to vibrate when at stop light?

loud, and shety muffler

What causes a cracked muffler?

Fatigue, maybe from missing or broken hangers.

Pollutant from motor car exhaust that causes mental disease is?

&quot;lead&quot; is the Pollutant from motor car exhaust that causes mental disease.

What causes muffler to glow red on 16 hp craftsman riding mower?


Who causes car exhaust fumes?

No who, but what. All internal combustion engines emit exhaust fumes.

What causes a 16.5 hp Briggs and Stratton MTD mower backfire every time it is shut off after mowing the yard?

possible causeThe muffler is extremely hot after mowing, when the ignition is turned off, the fuel air mixture continues to be drawn into the engine through the carburetor and when the engine comes to a complete stop the fuel air mixture is now stalled and what is in the muffler is ignited by the header pipe, muffler or exhaust valve. The loud bang is the unmuffled explosion of the air fuel mixture.

92 Mercury Capri XR2 The turbo has quit working and it is sucking oil into the engine or exhaust system. Can the turbo be removed or disconnected and still be able to drive the car?

No. The turbo needs to be rebuilt. Basically, the bearings and seals in the turbo have worn out, allowing the engine oil that typically flows through to leak into the burning hot exhaust. This often causes excessive oil usage with accompanied smoke from the exhaust.

How do you remove exhaust baffells?

it makes you exhaust louder or " meaner " and some say it causes an increase in horsepower

What causes blue smoke from exhaust?

Burning oil

What causes black soot from exhaust?

burning oil

What causes oil in the exhaust?

Broke rings on pistons

What causes fumes of vehicles in environment?

gas from the exhaust

Causes for smudge in exhaust tailpipe?

The smudge in the exhaust pipe is just build up reside from the exhaust. It can be very?&aelig; harmful to people.?&aelig;