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A river has three sections, upper, middle and lower. Meander bends occur in the middle section when the river is not as high up and has a shallower slope (gradient) so it has more power to erode sideways. It also has a greater volume, as more tributaries have joined, so less water is touching the banks of the river thus there is less friction acting on it and it has more power. A meander starts at the deeper side of the river where it flows faster and has more power to erode sideways. i don't have time to finish this go to a siter for more information.

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What does river meander mean?

A meander is a bend or such like in a river

What is a meander in a river?

A meander is a S-shaped curve in a river.

What is a meander of a river?

A meander is a bend in the river created by erosion on the outer banks.

Is there a river which has a famous meander?

Meanders are named after the River Meander or Menderes (spelling?).

What causes a river to meander?

Flowing water erodes soil from one river bank and deposits soil onto the other.

How sediment buildup and erosion in a meander can alter the course of a river?

As a river deposits sediment on the inside of a meander and erodes the outside of the meander, the meander migrates toward the outside edge

What is a river meander?

A bend in a river.

What causes deposition to occur in a meander?

The water slows while running through a meander - allowing silt to separate ot and build up along the banks and river bed.

What is the river tees meander?

a bend in the river

How is a river meander formed?

A meander in general is a bend in a sinuous watercourse

Where can you find a meander?

In a river

What is a meander?

A meander is a bend in a river which will eventually erode to form an ox-bow lake which is a thing in a river! A meander is formed around a ox-bow lake. Your Welcome!! ;)

What type of river is the Meander river?

it is a river that turns and has curves.

How wide is the river Thames when It's in a Meander?

It varies according to which meander you are referring to.

What does the word meander mean in terms of rivers?

A meander is a bend or a curve in a river.

What does the river meander mean?

Meander means wind ( pronounced wined ). e.g. The river meandered through the valley. The river wound through the valley.

What is an example of a meander?

a meander is a sharp turn in a river. also the meander would of been eroded to make a sharp curve :)

What does river erosion mean?

Erosion is caused when a river turns at a meander. When the water splashes against the side of the meander. After a long long time the edge of the meander is worn away. This is erosion.

What river do you get the word meander from?

Meander derives from the river known to the ancient Greeks as Maiandros or Maeander. Which nowadays is known as the Buyuk Menderes River in southwest Turkey.

Does the river Amazon have a meander?


A loop on a river?

maybe a meander

Where is the meander of a river?

the middle course

Does every river have a meander?


A curve or loop in a river?

the answer is meander

What is the term for a curve in a river?