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What causes abuse?

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Most of the people think abuses happen because of stress, jealousy, or not being able to control themselves. However, these are just myths. Abuses occur not because of anger or stress. It is all about wanting to have power and control. If the batterers are out of control, then they wouldn't be able to calm themselves down when the police arrives. They would not be able to make up stuff to deny all the blames. Abusers usually hit the victims in places that can be covered by clothes. If they are so angry and get out of control, they will not have time to think about where they should hit to not get caught. It's all about control. Truthfully, everyone is busy and stressed out over something, but not everyone use physical acts to express their stress or anger. They should never. Batterers abuse because they choose to do so. It's all about their core belief system. These people need professional help. Unless they change their core beliefs, they will keep hurting the ones they say they love.

Answerthere are many things that cause abuse. People that abuse others are angry with someone so they take it out on anyone around you. Before i got put into foster care i was abused by my step dad. My mom really loved him but he hated us kids. everytime us kids did something that he didnt like he would get the belt out and i know the only reason he hit us was because he was angry. others do it because of drugs. once they get addicted to drugs and then they don't got anymore they get very violent or they can also have a drinking problem i don't know there are many reasons for this but i don't even know where to begin
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What are the causes of physical abuse?

One of the causes of physical abuse is that the abuser was also physically abused at some point in their childhood. Stress, alcohol abuse, jealousy, low self-esteem, and controlling behavior are all causes of physical abuse also.

What causes animal abuse?

physco people cause animal abuse.

What is phisical abuse?

Physical abuse is when one causes pain to the body of another or to themselves.

Who causes child abuse?

Acts of abuse can occur from any adult who has contact with and power over a child. Abuse can occur anywhere.

Abuse cough medicine?

Corex is syrup which contains coadine which and abuse drug ,which causes sleep

What causes tumors on your spine?

sexual abuse by a gorrilla

Can Xanax abuse cause depression?

Any abuse of drugs causes depression and anxiety. A person who is guilty of abuse needs to seek help ASAP

Do stress causes child abuse?

In some cases, yes.

What are the causes of verbal abuse?

why can't u gave what were looking for

If your an emotional abuser what causes them to leave?

the victim or the abuser? emotional abuse cuts deeper than physical abuse. it has to do with manipulation. though emotional abuse and physical abuse ususally go hand in hand.

Is striking a child so hard that is causes him or her to spin around and land on the floor or ground considered corporal punishment or child abuse?

It is child abuse. It is child abuse.

Why should child abuse be abolish?

because it makes a never ending cycle of abuse and causes people to do bad things

Reasons for child abuse?

There is not any single fact which causes child abuse; abuse usually occurs in families where there is a combination of risk factors. Abuse and neglect occur most often in families who are under pressure and lack support.

What are the causes of street childen?

the causes of street children moving out of their houses could be because of abuse, no parents or it could be by choice.

What causes a bushing on car to go bad?

Old age. Wear. Abuse.

What are the causes of liver problems?

There are dozens of causes of liver problems. The majority, however, are caused by alcohol abuse and dependence, as well as by hepatitis.

What are the causes for increasing liver enzymes?

The most common cause is alcohol abuse/dependence. Hepatitis A,B and C are also causes. There are many other causes, as well.

How do you define child abuse?

It is generally mistreatment that causes pain, fear, anxiety, or physical injury. Child Abuse is not limited to what you may think. When we hear about it, we think about someone physically harming a child. However, verbal abuse can also be a form of child abuse.

How does the abuse of alcohol affect the body?

A serious abuse case of alcohol causes your liver to fail, thins your blood, breaks up you and your family, and can make you addicted.

What causes mental illness?

drugs, sexual/mental abuse, genetics, environment you live in

What are some causes of alcohol abuse?

driving to much wine, beer, whiskey ect

What causes cholesterol deposits under the skin especially around the face?

alcohol abuse

What are the Causes a girl to be lesbian?

Curiosity Bad relationship abuse from past boyfriends Tomboyhood

What are the causes and consequences of drug abuse during early adulthood?

a big drug addiction

What causes a drug user to keep increasing the amount of drug they abuse?