What causes accidents?

The cause of an accident is when a situation or conflict arises purely due to randomness and when conditions are more likely to support the accident. If there is harm, damage, or injury sustained, it is more than often completely due to chance.


Number one cause since the invention of the automobile remains distracted drivers. With cell phones, texting, GPS displays, Video screens, in-car computers, and so forth its believed that the rates will continue to rise.


Causes of Accident:
Primarily, accidents are caused by people. Equipment may be involved, but people handle the equipment. Most accidents are the result of Carelessness, Inexperience, and/or Wrong attitude.

Action Plan to Deal with Accidents:
1. Keep an Emergency Kit in Your Glove Compartment.
2. Keep Safety First.
3. Exchange Information.
4. Photograph and Document the Accident.
5. File An Accident Report.
6. Know What Your Insurance Covers.