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Illness and worms can cause this. If she is an older dog,this can simply be a sign of aging. It sounds like you want to speak to a vet.

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What are the symptoms for overactive bladder?

An overactive bladder is a condition that results from sudden, involuntary contraction of the muscle in the wall of the urinary bladder. Overactive bladder causes a sudden and unstoppable need to urinate.

What causes sudden weight gain and tiredness?

AnswerIs this a female asking because if it is then the next question would be "are you pregnant?". 68 year old female

What causes sudden headache?

headaches can be caused by constriction of blood flow in the brain, and sudden causes maybe down to dehydration

The sudden heating and cooling of air causes what?

It causes tornadoes

What are the top most dangerous diseases a female can get?

A sudden irreversible cardiac arrhythmic event which causes sudden death (in both females and males). If the question is made more specific (such as regarding STDs) then a more relevant answer can be provided.

What are causes of sudden nose bleeds?

causes of frequent nausea and vomiting

What causes sudden pig death?


What causes a sudden growth spurt?


What causes sudden laughter?

A mental disease

Can bladder infection lead to incontinence?

To some extent yes. Bladder infection can cause the swollen prostate leading to a medical condition known as overactive bladder. This causes sudden urge to urinate. Some people who had accidental brain damage may also face this issue, leading to inability to control the bladder or empty it completely. In some other it is also caused by illness like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease , Multiple Sclerosis etc. These are known as neurological bladder disorders.

What causes sudden loss of muscle tone?


What causes sudden warm weather in Alberta?


What causes sudden water retention?

There are several causes of sudden water retention. Poor circulation, premenstrual symptoms, salt, or a blockage in the lymphatic system can all cause this condition.

A sudden surge in lh concentration causes?

a surge of testosterone in males and it causes ovulation in females.

What are the symptoms of an overactive bladder?

Some symptoms of an overactive bladder can include: a sudden urge to urinate which is difficult to control and urinating frequently (usually more than 8 times in a single day).

What causes sudden aggression bursts in teenage boys?


What causes sudden vomiting without nausea?

Ingesting Ipecac

Sudden movements along a fault cause what?

It causes and earthquake

What causes sudden memory loss in children?

Improper diet

What causes a sudden change in body temperature?

dese nutz

What causes most surface waves?

sudden submarine earthquakes

How do sheep die?

natural causes or hunted or sudden death

What causes sudden pain heaviness and tingling in arms?


What is a shock?

A shock is something which causes sudden, heavy impact, a sudden electrical charge, or an amount of considerable emotional impact.

Why would someone constantly have sudden immediate urges to urinate and actually urinate every time?

I think this is just called "frequent sudden bladder urges" or something. There are medicines for it if you talk to your doctor.