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What causes cultural diffusion?

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Cultural diffusion occurs via human migration, intercultural marriages or cultural exchange via letters, books or electronic media. It is a phenomenon in which specific cultural concepts, ideas or technologies spread from one culture to another. cultural diffusion is categorized into three types: direct, forced and indirect.

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Q: What causes cultural diffusion?
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Causes of cultural diffusion?

Cultural diffusion is a term used to describe cultural change. Shifting in how people view differences causes cultural diffusion either for the positive or the negative.

Three causes of cultural change?

Invention, discovery and diffusion

What is the process of cultural diffusion?

what is the process of a cultural diffusion

What is cultural diffusion and what are some causes of it?

Cultural diffusion is when another culture benefits from another by trade or some sort of partnership. Two empires might like to combine their skills and rule as one so that would be cultural diffusion. Cultural diffusion is the separation of culture from a central point. an example is the Irish potato famine, many Irish people had to leave their home and moved to the U.S. bringing their culture with them and exposing it to others. Pretty much anything that causes people to leave their home and move somewhere else is a cause of cultural diffusion.

How does diffusion cause cultural change?

it causes cultural change by bringing in diffrent cultures and traditions into a superior culture making it into a melting pot

What are some causes of cultural diffusion and how did it affect early civilizations?

Some causes of cultural diffusion was when different people traded with each other and when they moved. It affected the early civilizations because they kept spreading ideas around the world and was constantly changing other ideas.

How did the Nile River promote cultural diffusion?

how did the nile river promote cultural diffusion?

How has cultural diffusion shaped the US?

How did cultural diffusion help preserve the legacy of the Phoenicians

When more than one cultural group lives in an area this is called an?

Cultural diffusion By doctor. Nomy

What are the types of cultural diffusion?

contagious diffusion, relocation diffusion, expansion diffusion, stimulus diffusion, hierarchical diffusion.

Sentence using cultural diffusion?

The silk road played a big part in cultural diffusion.

What does cultural diffusion occur through?

cultural diffusion is the spread of cultural traits from one group to another; includes both material and nonmaterial cultural traits

What activity is the best cultural diffusion?

Cultural diffusion is spreading different cultural beliefs and social activities from one culture to another. The best methods for increasing cultural diffusion are the increases in technology and therefore communication and travel. An activity that is an excellent source of cultural diffusion is teaching different languages at school.

What are some examples of cultural diffusion in southern California?

your religon, ypur lanquage, the way you act. these are examples of cultural diffusion your religon, your lanquage, the way you act. these are examples of cultural diffusion

What are the ways in which cultural diffusion occurs?

cultural diffusion is when one culture influsences and changes another culture

Did greece's geography promote or hinder cultural diffusion?

They hindered Cultural Diffusion because they were like a blockade.

Is cultural diffusion and diffusion the same?

They are almost the same, except cultural diffusion is the spread of new ideas, religions and etc. Diffusion spreads but you don't know what you mostly talk about.

What type of diffusion did the Olympic games spread by?

Cultural diffusion.

What causes diffusion of the cell to occur?

Causes diffusion to ocurr

How does the history of Muslims in India illustrate the process of cultural diffusion?

just does Cultural diffusion is the process through which the idea(s) of a particular cultural are spread

How are diffusion and cultural convergence?

the diffusion is the most biggest car in the world

What is the impact of cultural diffusion in America?

Cultural diffusion occurs as humans cross boundaries. With this movement, humans spread cultural images, languages, religions, and other beliefs.

What Causes Cultural Changes?

Political views and how a president or prime minister may want to see their country/island transform into. OR - Technology - Changing environment - New ideas - Cultural diffusion

What is the opposite of cultural diffusion?


What aided cultural diffusion?