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What causes different sweet smelling urine?

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There are various causes of sweet smell in the urine. Most are transient and due to metabolizing various foods. Sometimes strong odor is due to highly concentrated urine when one hasn't consumed enough water, easily fixed. Another cause is sweet smell due to uncontrolled Diabetes melitus, which can be determined through urinalysis evaluated by a physician.

There is a rare metabolic disease called Mapple Syrup Urine Disease , as the smell is like slightly burnt sugar - or for people who have actually smelt mapple syrup, that is apparently what the urine smell is similar to. The incidence of this illness is around one in 200.000 births, with the exception of a small intermarrying community of Northern European descent in the USA where the incidence is much higher. This neurological condition effects infants and children and would not present in adults.

MSUD, as it is known, is a condition where the body can't deal with substances called branched aminoacids. One of these, called leucine is toxic, in particular to the brain. There are various types of the disease, symptoms range from brain disfunction and death in the newborn period to very mild indeed. Many children will have mental retardation, even if their MSUD is discovered early and the metabolic doctors that care for them put them on the special protective diet at a very young age.

Some very fortunate children are known to have normal intelligence, this requires very good metabolic control throughout their lifetime.

Other causes of sweet smell in the urine are very rare indeed. One should have a talk with a Doctor Who specialises in metabolic medicine if one is concerned that urine smells very different to the usual. The tests to find out what is wrong and the methods to fix the problem are very complex.

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How do you treat sweet smelling urine?

Sweet smelling urine can indicate serious medical issues, including diabetes. Pregnant women can also have sweet smelling urine. If a person's urine smells sweet, they should probably see a doctor to determine the cause. Once a cause is determined, the doctor can decide on a treatment.

What could a sweet smelling urine be?


Does the urine smell sweet during pregnancy?

if you have developed gestational diabetes it can. sweet smelling urine is a symptom of diabetes.

What causes sulfur smelling urine?


Why do your urine smell like medicine and you do not take medicine?

it depends what you consider a "medicine" smell. there are different reasons for your urine to smell. certain foods such as asparagus can cause a different smell. foul smelling urine can indicated a urinary tract infection. sweet smelling urine can indicate undiagnosed diabetes.

Why does diabetes cause sweet smelling urine?

Because there is glucose in urine.Glucose is a sweet monosachcharide.

Is sweet smelling urine good or bad?

Bad for you because it makes your urine stink and yellow

What causes guava smelling urine?

Eating too much guava.

What causes yeasty smelling urine?

UTI could cause smelly urine. If its yeasty smelling it could be vaginal yeast infection but could also be a UTI. Go to the doc and get a urine test. Always the best thing to do :)

What causes a mans urine to start smelling really bad?

the only reason your urine stinks is because all of that bacteria and fat is coming out when you pee and fart

What do different urine smells mean?

Different smelling urine can be caused by what has been eaten or drunk or by a bacterial or viral infection. If there is concern about this, it is a good idea to see a doctor.

Foul smelling urine?

Foul smelling urine can be signs of dehydration, urinary tract infection or diabetes. Urine will normally have a mild smell which is normal.

What are the possible causes of strong-smelling urine?

Strong smelling urine can occur from a few sources, my answer is incomplete but at least you'll have more info. If you are dehydrated or not drinking enough water. Depending on the smell. you have have an infection which really needs to be treated by a Dr.

Why would stool smell sweet?

1 - Sweet smelling stool or urine is often related to diabetes. Have your sugar levels checked! 2 - ???? Sorry that does not make sence. 3 - Neither does your grammar, mate.

Smokey smelling urine?

Smokey smelling urine is a sign of diabetes. It also can be a sign of dehydration, kidney disease, and even stomach ulcers.

What are the symptoms of kidney illness?

abnormal coloured urine, smelling or bloody urine.

Bad smelling urine?

Foul smelling urine is the most common symptom of a urinary tract infection. It can also be caused by something that you ate, such as asparagus.

What causes urine to smell like soy sauce?

Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day, change your diet to a healthier one, and if the urine continues smelling like that, consult an urologist.

Why is urine smelling like ammonia?

Human urine does not contain ammonia. But animal urine can contain ammonia.

What does it mean when you have dark yellow urine ph5 glucose greater then 2000no ketones moderate blood in the urine with no protein?

Does diabetes run in your family? Any symptoms of diabetes? Very thirsty, frequent urination, sweet smelling breath?

Can you come out positive in a urine test just by smelling it?


What is cloudy strong-smelling urine a symptom of?

Cloudy, strong-smelling urine could be a symptom of a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) aka Bladder Infection.

Why does your dog urine smell like fish?

Why are you smelling dog urine, new hobby or something?

What causes alkaline in the urine?

what causes alkaline in urine

Urine smell like medicine after taking diet pills?

I'm pretty sure your urine should smell like urine. Why are you smelling your urine?