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Friction is caused by two or more surfaces rubbing together. At the molecular level, the particles are coming in contact with each other and, to put it simply, are sticking. The more particles there are in an object, the more they stick. This is called an objects adhesion potential.

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Q: What causes friction and why does it occur?
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What causes a major earthquake to occur where plates meet?

The friction between the plates. When the friction is resolved, an earthquake occurs.

What causes Abrasions?

They occur when the skin is rubbed away by friction against another rough surface

When you're chewing gum does friction occur?

Guess what.. TAYLOR LAUTNER is Jacob Black in New Moon. XD And Yes friction occurs. :] The chewing causes friction between the gum and the teeth.

Can Friction occur in a vacuum?

Yes, in general friction can occur in a vacuum, but the only kind of friction that doesn't occur in a vacuum is, of course, air friction. There is no drag force on an object falling in a vacuum.

Why could cars not move without friction?

When the wheels of a car turn, friction causes the wheels to push back on the road, which in turn causes the road to push the car forward. Without friction the wheels would just spin in place. You can sometimes see this occur on icy roads, where there is very little friction.

How does Friction occur in liquids?

friction affects in any Circumtances

What are facts about friction?

causes of friction are strength and direction

How hockey players need friction?

Hockey players depend on the ice. They sway from side to side in a constant motion which causes friction to occur between their ice skates and the rink itself.

What types of friction occur when playing Rugby?

Air friction, traction.

What types of friction occur when you ride a bike through a puddle?

Fluid Friction, & Rolling Friction.

What types of friction occur in softball?

During softball the types of friction that occurs if rolling friction

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i dnt no

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