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Q: What causes high ammonia levels in dogs?
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What causes high CK levels in dogs?

Muscular pain causes high CK levels in dogs

Why aren't fish poisoned by the ammonia they produce?

They are, that's why we do water changes on tanks and why filters use activated charcoal, also natural bacteria's in the tank help to break down ammonia levels. Most aquarium fish are very sensitive to ammonia levels and high levels of ammonia are among the leading causes of fish death. It can actually burn their skin when it gets to higher levels.

What causes high levels of ammonia in freshwater aquariums?

Overcrowding and poor (Uncycled?) filtration. If you have ammonia in your tank you had best start changing water ASAP before your fish start to die.

What causes litter box smell?

Well obviously it is the faeces (poo) from the cat, but what causes the smell is high levels of ammonia and bacteria in the faeces that react causing a bad smell!

What are the symptoms of high ammonia levels?

confusion, sleepiness, lethargy

What causes high levels of vit b12?

What causes high levels of vitamin B12

High blood ammonia levels?

In medical term, it is "hyperammonemia".

Causes of high calcium levels?

high levels of calcitonin

What causes potting soil to smell like ammonia?

Nitrogen is too high

Why are goldfish turning black on fins?

Black Fin is a disease that causes the affected goldfish's fins to decay. It is commonly caused by high ammonia levels, so test your water and do a 75% water change if needed.

What is the most likely reason for a person to have abnormally high blood ammonia levels?

Liver dysfunction

The most likely cause for a person to have abnormally high blood ammonia levels?

Liver problems

What causes high ozone levels?

High ozone levels are by lightening. Soldering also produces ozone.

How do you get rid of high ammonia levels in a aquarium?

In new tank high levels of ammonia are common and by time passing the water parameter get steady.If we have high levels of ammonia In established aquarium we need to perform water change as fast as we can, we can use ammonia adsorb also. The best way to treat ammonia is by preventing it from the beginning. check your aquarium water with ammonia test kit on a regular basis. Few tips: 1- Don't overfeed, uneaten food can rot and ascend ammonia. 2- Make sure that you have right filter for your tank, appropriate filter for your aquarium will help to keep your tank from problems. 3- Avoid overpopulating your aquarium to prevent difficulty with maintaining water quality. 4- Always use anti chlorine and chloramines in your aquarium, don't forget that chloramine decomposes to chlorine and ammonia.

What is the food constituent that causes cheese to have high energy?

calcium causes cheese to have high energy levels

What causes high sodium levels?

having a high salt intake

Why do koi fish jump out of your outdoor pond?

Now I am no expert, I have just had one of my fish jump out and I did some investigating on here. It seems that high Ammonia levels can be to blame... or low oxygen levels. I suppose they are trying to escape it. I am going to check my levels right away. I have a very small pond and I never knew I had to check my ammonia levels.

High heamoglobin causes of?

Polycythaemia is one cause of high heamoglobin levels

What causes high BUN levels?

too much protein not digested

Ammonia is a primary nitrogenous excretory product of what?

Ammonia is the primary nitrogenous excretory product of urination. It is the main excretory product of animals. Water animals tend to be more tolerant of high ammonia blood levels than land animals.

Why is your dogs stool bright yellow?

High wheat levels in the diet.

What causes high temperatures in dogs?

High temperatures in dogs is caused by the same things as people. The Flu, colds, or other sicknesses.

What are the causes for Lymph Abs levels of 3.44 high levels and Mono Abs 0.75 high also high levels of MCH cell counts?

dehydration, electrolyte imbalance and anemia and that is severe, to make the levels drop so much

What are the primary causes of high blood pressure?

High cholesterol levels, and not enough exercise.

What causes high levels of uric acid in an animal?

High levels of uric acid in an animal could be caused by a number of issues. For example, there is a genetic defect in Dalmatians that causes them to have unhealthy levels of uric acid. If your animal has high levels of uric acid, you should consult your veterinarian, without question.