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What causes ice to form in packaged foods that are in the freezer?

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water vapor or humidity

The food contains ice when it is n the freezer. This ice can evaporate ( a process called sublimation this increases the content of water vapor in the package. If by some chance an ice crystal starts to grow on the surface of the food or on the package this vapor will freeze on this in preference to the ice within the food. This loss of ice in the food and growth of external ice crystals is called freezer burn. If the temperature of the food cycles as it does in most freezers this process is accelerated. And so you ice cream gets dried out and there are lots of beautiful ice crystals on the lid and on top of the ice cream. To prevent the problem make sure the package has little or no space above the food.

2009-05-28 04:23:09
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Q: What causes ice to form in packaged foods that are in the freezer?
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Water freezes when the temperature in 32 degrees or colder.

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When ice crystals form on frozen foods is it still edible?

The ice crystals generally mean that the frozen food has dried out some and could be related to freezer burn. As long as it hasn't become rancid or developed freezer-burn flavor, the food could still be edible.

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