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Q: What causes infections on the surface of the skin?
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What is the disease that causes infections in viginal skin and bladder areas?


Which type of bacteria causes endocarditis pneumoniaand some skin infections?


What type of bacteria causes endocarditis pneumonia and some skin infections?


What are the causes of skin infection?

Skin infections have a variety of causes. A significant number of skin infections are caused by parasites, such as small mites, which cause scabies. Fungi are also responsible for skin infections, like the inaptly-named ringworm, which is not caused by a worm at all. A number of infectious diseases are caused by bacteria, usually as a result of bacteria getting into already-existing rashes. It is important to differentiate skin infections from other skin complaints. A skin infection is a communicable disease, where as a skin complaint such as eczema cannot be transmitted.

Which microbe causes skin diseases?

Bacterial skin infections (bacteria). DermNet NZ. Bacterial skin infections. Some bacteria live on normal skin and cause no harm, such as some Staphylococcus species, Corynebacterium spp., Brevibacterium spp and Acinetobacter.

Does tanning cause sun spots?

It causes skin damage, but sunspots are on the sun's surface, not on your skin!

What part of the skin causes the skin surface have ridges on the tips of the fingers and toes?

dermal papillae

What is the most common reason that long-term antibiotic therapy can cause new infections?

The common reason that long term antibiotic therapy can cause new infections is that it also gets rid of the protective layer of the skin. This exposes the skin to bacteria that causes infections.

What are the main causes of death from smallpox?

Complications such as bacterial infection of the open skin lesions, pneumonia, or bone infections are the major causes of death from smallpox.

What causes lichen sclerosus?

Lichen sclerosus causes white patches on the skin around genital skin. The cause is unknown, but may be linked to autoimmune diseases, infections, thyroid disease, and genetic predisposition.

Can ear infections cause skin rash?

can ear infections cause skin rah?

Why does Scratching skin causes blood to surface?

If you scratch your self to hard you cause the capillaries in your skin to break. Capillaries are the smallest of all blood vessels and when broken cause the blood to surface.