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What causes logon error 0x00000BB?

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0x00000BB error arises when the Windows operating system is already overloaded with invalid system references, deleted and corrupted registry files. This problem mostly happens when the PC is lacking of regular maintenance.

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The logon user interface dll sggina.dll failed to load while rebooting?

sggina.dll is a process belonging to the SafeGuard Logon program . "sggina.dll is a SGGINA" "belonging to SafeGuard Logon" "from Utimaco Safeware AG". Replace the corrupted one with a compatible version is an effective way to fix "sggina.dll failed to load" error.

What is loktantra diwas?

logon ke dwara logon ka logon ke hit mein tantra

If the system is a domain member what logon is the only logon method allowed?


Error message saying the user profile service failed to logon user profile cannot be loaded comes up whenever I click on my account on my windows7 laptop tried restarting plus F8 button?

The error message ' the user profile service failed to logon user profile' always occurs when you click on your account on Windows 7 when the other accounts are still running.

What causes error code P505?

this code is for a error in idle air control

What the host name computer name?

It is dependant on your logon, for example if your logon is seanaroniss111, then your computer name is that.

What causes parity error?

The main causes of parity error are magnetic or electrostatic conditions. This will result mainly into corruption of the computer memory chips.

You have recently installed WinXp and since then when you connect to internet your computer restarts auomatically with an error c000021a windows logon process system process terminated oxc00000050?

Error c000021a is a fatal Windows error. It occurs when winlogon.exe or csrss.exe files fail, and troubleshooting should begin with those files.Ê

What causes computer program bugs?

Many causes, but not limited to human error.

A stop error is an error so drastic it causes Windows to hang or lock up?


When parity memory detects an error what happens?

A parity error always causes the system to halt.

How do you change the logon screen reolution in Windows XP?

download [tune up] software and change your logon creen

What causes the critical error on Windows 10?

Windows 10 does not cause a critical error. In PHP, any syntax, mathematical, or system error can cause an error to occur.

What are main causes of accident?

it is because of human error

When parity detects an error what happens?

A parity error always causes the system to hault. On the screen, you see the error message parity error 1 (parity error on the motherboard) or parity error 2 (parity error on an expansion card)

Windows XP Professional automatically caches a users credentials in the when a domain logon or NET passport logon is performed?


Windows XP Professional automatically caches a users credentials in where when a domain logon or NET Passport logon is performed?


Can you view browser history of another logon?

You can view browser history from another logon also. It is shown if you have the same browser.

Where is mount logon?

in yukon territory

How do you logon to mechelemedical transcription at home website?

how do I login or logon to a web site mechele@medical-transcription-at do I have to add this to my address?

What causes a Sampling error?

a sampling error is o ne that occurs when one uses a population istead of a sample

A parity error rarely causes the system to halt?


Causes of Sean accidents?

Equipment failure or human error.

What service is responsible for authentication and logon?

There are various services that ensure authentication during logon. Examples of these are Java Authentication and Authorization Service and Kerberos.

How do you make xp connect to the lan before it displays the logon?

open the MMC and add the group policy snap-in. Under Computer Configuration-->Administrative Templates-->System-->Logon, change "Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon" to ENABLED.

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