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What causes low hemoglobin?

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Low hemoglobin is cause from a slow bleed somewhere . Or it could even be a bleed that is heavier .Alot of blod disorders could cause it .I would say slow bleed .

I'd like to confirm that low hgb is caused by anemia or hemorrhage (bleeding).

You can get anemia if you lack iron or if you have one or more of the various diseases that cause your body to not make new red blood cells (e.g. aplastic anemia), destroy red blood cells (e.g. sickle cell anemia), or bleed a lot (e.g. hemophilia).

Hemorrhaging (bleeding) due to external or internal injury can cause you to become anemic from loss of red blood cells.

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What effects could low hemoglobin have on the body?

Low hemoglobin in the body is called as anemia which has many causes for it. Whatever the cause, low hemoglobin causes reduced oxygen carrying capacity and makes a person easily tired, breathless and weak.

What does a low hemoglobin test indicate about your health?

A low hemoglobin test can indicate many different things about a person's health. The most common causes of a low hemoglobin test are anemia and vitamin deficiencies.

What causes low hemoglobin levels?

Low hemoglobin levels in the blood is indicative of anemia. Some of the causes include pregnancy, cancer, kidney disease, an enlarged spleen, cirrhosis or leukemia.

What causes your hemoglobin to be low?

hemoglobin low is called anemia. 1. hemolytic anemia. 2. iron deficiency anemia. 3. A. plastic anemia. 4. magaloblastic anemia. any causes in blood than hemoglobin low. ARIF HUSSAIN (M.Sc. Hemotology & blood bank)

Is lack of sleep or being insomniac causes low hemoglobin?


What usually causes a low hemoglobin count?

A low hemoglobin usually means the person has anemia. Anemia results from conditions that decrease the number or size of red cells,

What affect can you have when your hemoglobin is low and you drink alcohol?

U think that continuious use of alcohol causes a drop in hemoglobin levels. Is that right

Reduction of hemoglobin in red blood cells?

A low hemoglobin level can be caused by bleeding disorders such as Aplastic Anemia, and other bleeding disorders. Low hemoglobin levels can also be caused by an injury that causes blood loss.

What causes blood transfusionor low blood pressure?

If you have a low blood pressure, low hematocrit and hemoglobin, you need to have a blood transfusion.

How does hypothyroidism affect hemoglobin levels?

Having hypothyroidism can affect your hemoglobin levels because the low levels of thyroid causes the hemoglobin levels to drop too. These are also linked to B12 deficiency and macrocytic anemia.

What conditions might produce a decreased hemoglobin content?

Decrease hemoglobin might result from thalassemia, iron deficiency anemia, or anemia of chronic disease. There are many infectious, genetic, and nutritional causes of low hemoglobin.

What does a low hemoglobin measurement mean?

low hemoglobin measurement usually means the person has anemia

What causes Low red blood cell count?

Anemia could be a cause of low red blood cells which is caused by hemoglobin under the normal levels.

What color does your skin turn when hemoglobin is low?

Someone with a very low hemoglobin level will look pale.

Is asthma related to high hemoglobin?

No, asthma is related to low hemoglobin.

I have a hemoglobin level of 9 i am a 16 year old girl. is that bad?

A hemoglobin of 9 is low, but not necessarily bad. Having a low hemoglobin is called Anemia. Symptoms of anemia include fatigue, lightheadedness, dizziness, palpitations, low blood pressure, fainting, etc. Many people with anemia do not experience any symptoms and can tolerate hemoglobin levels as low as 2. Other people who experience symptoms may require blood transfusions. There are many causes of a low hemoglobin. In a girl your age the most common ones would be anemia from iron deficiency and heavy bleeding during your menstrual periods. You should have your family doctor determine the cause of your low hemoglobin and treat it accordingly.

Can you have leukemia with low hemoglobin?

Yes, of course! Low Hemoglobin means anemia, and it is said that "there are not leukemia without anemia"

What causes a low hemoglobin level mean?

There are many ways in which a low hemoglobin can occur. Among these include young ladies in their menstruating cycle, pregnant women, blood donating frequently, wounds, nosebleeds, Aplastic Anemia, Cirrhosis, Leukemia, etc. Low hemoglobin usually occurs because the body is too slow to produce more red blood cells, but do not be alarmed yet, go to a doctor before anything. Sometimes a low hemoglobin is actually normal for some people.

Where do the blood go if you have a transfusion but your hemoglobin is still low?

Hemoglobin is the fluid that transports blood cells. If you get a transfusion of red blood cells, they would be in the hemoglobin even if it is low.

What happen when hematocrit level is low normal range?

Low hemoglobin is called anemia. When there is a low hemoglobin level, there is often a low red blood cell count and a low hematocrit, too.

What causes low red blood counts?

there are many causes of low red blood cell count. In general, it may be caused by underproduction of red blood cells, bleeding, hemolysis and even not enough number of normal hemoglobin.

Can low hemoglobin cause muscle pain?

Yes, low hemoglobin can cause muscle pain. Hemoglobin is a protein and is attached to red blood cells. Its job is to carry oxygen to the body's tissues. Without oxygen the tissues (including muscle) experience ischemia which is painful. Ischemia is what causes the pain a person has when they have a heart attack, for instance. So if a person's red blood cells are not carrying oxygen (because their hemoglobin levels are low enough), they would have muscle pain.

Can Hemoglobin Levels cause HIV?

HIV is a virus that causes AIDS. It does not result from abnormal hemoglobin or abnormal hemoglobin levels.

What does it mean when you have 11.9 hemoglobin?

it is low

What is hypolipedemia?

Low hemoglobin level