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Temperature causes the matter to exist in three different states. They are Solid, Liqid

and Gas. If temperature is increased matter changes into gas and if temperature is decreased it changes into solid.

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wax can exist in two states namely solid and liquid state

water can exist in all states of matter

The states matter can exist in are solids,liquids,and gases.

Water exist in all the three states. These states are solid , liquid and gas.

The three states of matter in which water can exist are gas, liquid, and solid.

Some states of matter are solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. These are distinct and different forms in which matter can exist in nature.

Matter can exist in a solid, liquid, or gas as well as plasma.

States of matter are: - solid - liquid - gas - plasma - Bose-Einstein condensate - dark matter - fermionic condenste - strange matter etc.

Lots of substances can exist in three states of matter - not just water.

Any gas, liquid or solid can exist in all states of matter.

There is no one element that fits this criterium. Every element can exist in 3 states of matter. Water, a molecule, can simultaneously exist as a solid, liquid and gas if that is what you are asking.

Well everything has matter therefore, it is possible for it to be in all 3 states

There are six main states of matter: Solid Liquid Gas Plasma Bose-Einstein Condensate Fermionic Condensate Also, there are many theoretical states and also more states that have been proved to exist but they aren't the main states of matter. :)

The answer to that long question is PlasmaAnd Bose Einstein Condensate and the Beam State.. ^,^

For substances, the temperature and pressure at which all three states of matter exist in thermodynamic equilibrium is called the triple point. However, a mixture would have two or more different substances with different melting and boiling points, meaning the triple point of each would be different. See related link below for more information.

Solid liquid gas plasma

Yes, any element or compound can exist in all three states of matter. Though, some compounds or elements need special conditions in order to be one state of matter.

Don't they all exist in the three states of matter? Depending on the temperature...

substance that exist in all three states of matter at normal temperature

Three states of matter commonly exist on earth. These states of matter are solids, liquids, and gases. Plasma is the most common form of matter in the universe, but it rarely occurs on earth.

You must understand that matter can be in any one of three PHYSICAL states, liquid, solid or vapor ( a gas ). Changing physical states is not a chemical change, but a direct result of heat or cold application.

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