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I don't know but I have the smae thing i hopeone here knows.

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Q: What causes numbness and soreness of your head and pain in your ear?
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What causes throbbing pain to the left side of the head soreness to the left side of scalp?


What causes left facial pain and numbness?


What causes soreness of epydidimis?

The main concern if you have soreness and pain in the epididymis is that it could be related to an enlarged prostate. This pain could also be caused by an infection in your system.

What is the cause of the numbness from your hip to your leg?

what is the causes of pain in lower toes

What causes pain and numbness in both shoulder blades?

Why am I having pain in both shoulders and down my arms

What causes pain in you right arm and leg?

What kind of pain is it? An ache? A cramp? Stiff muscle? Numbness? Please give more information and I might be able to help you some more....

What causes numbness and pain in right leg and arm?

A stroke. Strokes and heart attacks can do that

Does your arm really shake when you hit your funny bone?

IT causes a unpleasant pain in the warm and it also causes some numbness in the arm, that's the reason people are shaking their arms. To remove the numbness.

What causes pain in back of head on left side?

There are many causes of pain in the back of the head. These causes include headache and an out neck.

why is my back sore after lifting?

This can be a good sign if you are feeling some soreness after weight lifting. It means you were working out those muscles! If it is beyond soreness and is pain or if you feel tingling or numbness in your body, see a doctor since it may be a sign of something more serious.

What is wrong when you turn or stretch while in bed you get severe head pain on the right side of your head with numbness along your head and face later?


Why is there numbness of head after a head injury?

because your nerves are so filled up with pain that they cant feel anymore hope that helped

Where do you feel pain when the S1 nerve is pinched?

Pinching of the S1 nerve causes weakness in the ankle and numbness and pain in the sole and side of the foot

What causes severe pain in head when straining?

The tension in muscles is what causes severe pain in your head when you're straining. This could be in your neck or your eyes for example.

Does methadone cause numbness and arm pain?

No, if anything methadone should alleviate your pain. But numbness and pain are not associated with methadone use.

What are the most common causes of nerve pain?

The most common causes of nerve pain include sciatica (tingling and numbness in the leg), (damage to a nerve or nerve group), and herniated disc(s).

What are some symptoms and causes to neuropathic pain?

Neuropathic pain often appears to have no obvious cause but some causes include alcoholism, back, leg and hip problems. Symptoms include shooting and burning pain and tingling and numbness.

Injury that doesn't immediately cause pain or soreness?

Injury caused by a blunt object does not usually cause immediate soreness or pain.

what cause pain in right sid, lwere pelvic soreness and light vaginal bleeding?

what causes pain in right side and peliv area and light vaginal bleeding

What are causes of muscle soreness?

Delayed onset muscle soreness, DOMS, occurs following overexertion.. Pain during muscle use can be caused by a spasm, which slows arterial blood flow to the area and is referred to as claudication.

What could cause pain and numbness in lower back of head and left side of head and face?

Nerve pain and problems with the cervical spine. You may have herniated discs in the cervical spine causing nerve damage.

What could cause piercing pain followed by numbness in the left side of your head?

Depending on where the piercing is located, the person who pierced it may have hit a nerve. Go to a doctor if the numbness does not go away.

What causes pain on top of head?

Pain on the top of the head can be caused by many things. It can be caused by a hit to the top of the head. It can also be caused by a headache or pressure.

What causes pain in upper arm and numbness in fingers?

If it is a sudden pain in the upper arm and numbness in fingers it can potentially be a heart attack. If the symptoms have been occurring over a longer period of time it can be a poor circulation problem. (Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, any sudden severe pain should warrant contacting your doctor).

What causes numbness in the legs?

Leg numbness can be caused by damage to the nerves or muscles, or problems in the spine. Numbness in the legs can occur with other symptoms such as pain, burning, weakness, tingling, and/or prickling sensations. Medical conditions which may cause leg numbness range from mild to severe, and should always be checked by a physician.