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Accidents happen, most oil spills are caused by even human mistake, earthquakes or some other force causing blowouts, leaks, pipeline corrosions and explosions.

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How many oil spills happen each year?

About 13,000 oil spills happen every year.

Are all oil spills in the ocean?

No, oil spills may happen in rivers and harbours too.

What are the four causes of oil spills?


What causes Oil spills and how can you stop it?


Where do most oil spills happen?


Why do oil spills happen?

oil spills happen because people are careless and and instead of emptying there tank they dump it in the ocean and cars driving on beaches.

Why are oil spills so dangerous to marine life?

Oil spills are dangerous because they stick to animals and then it causes them to sink.

What are the causes of oil pollution in Venezuela?

Causes of oil pollution in Venezuela are oil spills and they are a major producer of oil so that causes a lot of oil pollution

How can oil spills harm animals?

there suckers ill be telling u how oil spills harm animals. oil spills affects the plumage and the fur of mammals and causes them to be more vulnerable to temperatures.blinds animals

The cause of oil spills?

Many things, including wars, ship wrecks, and wells exploding are some of the few causes of oil spills.

What will happen in the future if oil spills continue?

Bad things

When did the oil spills in Mexico happen?

April the 20th 2010

What are the causes of landscape spoilage?

There are several causes of landscape spoilage. A few examples are, landfills, oil spills, fires, sewage spills, littering, and composting.

What is oil spoil?

oil spill is when a boat or something else spills oil in the water or in the forests.a lot of oil spills happen when people drill for oil or when there's a leak somewhere they keep oil.

Using not much oil helps prevent oil spills?

Yes, because if there's less oil than less oil ships will be crossing the ocean and less oil spills will happen.

Can oil spills happen on fishing boats?

only if the fish boat is carrying oil

Are sea otters going to be crossed of the endangered list?

No But people are trying to prevent them from extinction. Causes: oil spills, used for fur and used for oil. No But people are trying to prevent them from extinction. Causes: oil spills, used for fur and used for oil.

When did the blob fish get endangered?

Oil spills. And other people causes

When did the oil spill in the gulf happen?

This may refer to:Any of the Gulf of Mexico Oil spillsThe Gulf War oil spill.Any of the Persian Gulf oil spills.See related questions.

How oil spills effect humans?

Oil spills affect humans because oil spills are dangerous

Do oil spills happen in the marine ecosystem?

yes while transporting oil through large ships

How often does a oil spill happen?

Oil spills only happen when oil is accidentally tipped into the ocean. But if there is a war going on the enemies might try to spill oil into the ocean.

Why are oil spills bad for plants?

oil spills are bad for plants because the oil spills will kill the plants

Three causes of water pollution?

wastes, oil spills, mining water realeases

What causes the air pollution of southwest asia?

Sometimes oil spills can cause pollution.

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