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Sometimes the fill valve can vibrate while the tank is filling. Try removing the tank cover and flush the toilet, then check to see if you can stop the noise by pushing down or up on the float assembly. It may be as simple as adjusting the flow rate.

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Can underwear go down toilet?

You will probably clog your toilet or pipes if you flush anything but toilet paper. I would not recommend trying to flush underwear down the toilet.

When you flush a toilet where does the waste go?

when you flush the toilet the waste goes through the pipes and to a treatment plant or a treatment pond and decomposes and evaporates rhys

What causes singing water pipes?

Singing water pipes can be caused by air that is trapped in the pipes. The air can cause a whistling or singing sound, or it can cause the pipes to knock or rattle.

Where does poop go when you flush the toilet?

When you flush the toilet, the waste goes either to a septic system if you are in a rural area or a sewage treatment plant if you are in an urban area through pipes in the foundation of the house.

Should you flush your cat down the toilet?

The short answer is no. But if you insist on flushing your cat you should first flush your own head to make sure the pipes are clear.

Why does your shower plughole bubble when you flush the toilet?

Because the two pipes are connected, and the shower is farther down the line than the toilet. So when you flush, you are hearing the water from the toilet pass by your tub. This is also why you will have sewage in your tub if your waste water line is extremely backed up.

Why do you hear the toilet flush in your bathroom sink drain?

The toilet and the sink both drain into the grey water waste lines. Because they are connected by piping, sound can travel through the pipes from the toilet to the sink.

What would cause the water in my toilet to be brown when you flush it?

look in the water tank and see if the water in there is brown might be rust in the pipes

What is causing a Large air bubble when flushing toilet?

there are large air bubbles in your toilet because your pipes are to thin or are cloged deep into the pipe. if its clogged poor sour milk down your toilet and flush it will desolve what ever is cloging it

Why do the pipes shake after the toilet is flush?

That is likely "air hammering" which plagues many home plumbing systems. A plumber can install a simple device that will control it.

Where do the pipes lead?

to your toilet

Why do your pipes make a very loud vibrating noise when you flush the toilet?

it may be the shutt off valve near the floor.try to turn it clockwise while the pipes are vibrating and toilet is filling.if the noise stops you may have to change valve,or leave it in its new could also be the fill valve in the tank causing the noise.

What causes the pipes to vibrate even when the water is turned off?

They have probably got air bubbles in them. It may be a worn out ballcock at a toilet.

What causes dirty water to come out of your toilet and in the drain of your bath tub?

Blocked or dirty pipes. id call a plummer ASAP.:)

Why does plumbing bang when you flush the toilet?

There are several reason why the plumbing will bang when a toilet is flushed. The most common cause is something called water hammer or hydraulic shock. it is caused by a sudden increase in water pressure. Another cause is air in the pipes.

Can you flush a tampon?

No, you cannot flush a tampon - always wrap-up and throw in the trash.Tampons don't break down in water, instead they expand up to ten times their original size so can cause blockages in the toilet and in the pipes further up the system. Tampons can also bypass sewage treatment plants so find their way into waterways, harming the environment.

Why does toilet paper dissolve?

Toilet paper dissolves so as not to clog up pipes.

Why does the toilet not flush and gurgle after taking a shower in the same bathroom It will flush fine 30-45 minutes after a shower?

no proper flow.partailly blocked pipes which fill up to capacity with shower water which eventually slowly drains; the flow from a flushing toilet after some time(you stated; 45 minutes) is simply because the shower wated has drained....clean the pipes check for roots from neighbouring trees/shrubs, remove ,seal the hole and the flow should normalise

What are the different classifications of toilet and their uses?

The flush toiletThe flush toilet, the most common type of toilet found, sends waste through a series of pipes that lead to a sewer system and eventually a waste treatment plant or septic tank.Squat ToiletCommon in Turkish and Japanese households, this toilet looks like a porcelain hole in the floor that individuals have to hover over, with their knees bent in a squat position.UrinalsThis is the type of toilet commonly seen in men's restrooms. It is mounted against the wall and can be a single or a communal urinal.Incinerating ToiletThis is a waterless type of toilet. Instead of using water to flush away waste, it burns excrement and other waste products.Composting ToiletThis type of toilet composts human waste by removing moisture from excrement.Outhouse or Pit ToiletCommonly found at campgrounds or in extremely rural areas, this is a hole dug in the ground with a small structure built around it.PHS

Are toilet pipes connected upstairs to downstairs?

yes they are

Can you flush a tampon down the toilet?

No, never flush tampons down the toilet.This is why there are sanitary bins in public bathrooms, tampons should always be wrapped-up and thrown in the bin - a toilet is not a bin, only human waste and toilet paper should be flushed.Tampons don't break down in water and instead will expand, thus can block pipes causing pipes to burst or flooding. Tampons can also bypass sewage treatment plants and thus make it into waterways, where they're not only an eyesore but can also harm wild life.

How would a mouse get into a closed toilet?

throught the water pipes

What causes pipes to chatter while the toilet is refilling?

hey, Alot of it has to do with how open your valves are in the water line check and make sure they are all open all the way.

Do singing water pipes mean there is air in the pipes?

If you mean there is a "tone" like sound coming from the water pipes see if it corresponds to each time you flush a toilet. The fill valve of toilets as they come close to being completely filled can vibrate causing a sympathetic vibration on either the cold water line or the waste line depending on certain conditions. The resulting tone can get so loud as to almost be deafening. The solution is simply to install a new fill valve in the tank of the suspect fixture. Hope this helps I had a problem that sounded identical to yours.

What causes toilets to drip?

Drip where? However, wear and tear and old age causes it. A drip from a toilet can come from anywhere, it could be a worn out rubber washer, the sealent around the pan connector could be not sealing properly, the cystern or pan could be cracked. Even the inlet water pipes that connect to the toilet could be leaking and may make it out as if the toilet is leaking or dripping.