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Godzilla swims around and causes it to erupt.

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What is a name of a volcano that has not eruped?

they call it a valcano that didn't eruped

Did Mount Rushmore eruped?

No, it isn't a volcano

How were pompii and Herculaneum destroyed?

By the eruption of the volcano, Mt. Vesuvius

How do people forecast when volcano's eruped?

how does people react when a volcano erupt?

This deadly volcano in Italy buried the city of pompii?

The volcano was (and still is) Mount Vesuvius, near the Bay of Naples in Italy.

What is the famous volcano in pompii?

Vesuvius is the name of the volcano that destroyed both the cities of Pompeii and Herculanium. The eruption occurred in 79 AD.

Do cinder cone volcanos eruped?

they erupe if theres alot of lava inside and the volcano has no more spaca and it erups

Is a volcano destructive?

Yes, because it covers ever thing in ash and burns things with lava ( for more stuff about ot look up Pompii)

What causes the volcano project to erupt?

hi what causes a volcano to erupt is

How did people at pompii get craved into stone?

A volcano erupted, killed them all but left people shaped are pockets. We filled those pockets in with concrete, creating the Pompeii statues.

What cities or towns are close to mt vesuvius?

pompii,naples,oplontis mt vesuvius has distored pompii and some of oplontis

What causes volcano to form at a spreading plate boundary?

What causes volcano to form at a spreading plate boundary?

How can a volcano causes a tsunami?

no it causes a volcanic eruption.

What causes an eruption of a volcano?

The amount of pressure that pushes up the magma in a volcano

What causes a volcano to grow?

A volcano grows as a result of eruptions, which add fresh ash or lava to the surface of the volcano.

When did Pompeii eruped?

i erupted on June 5 2010

What are the causes and effects of volcano?

the effect of a volcano are te blow up , and this is caused by bombs

What causes a volcanoe to erupt?

What causes a volcano to erupt? Depending on the type and duration of the eruption lava and or tephra can pile up to make a volcano. What happens when volcanoes erupt? When it reaches the top, it explodes from the cone of the volcano. The pressure of the gases in the magma causes the volcano to erupt.Science & Technology at Scientific American.com: Ask the Experts ... What causes a volcano to erupt and how do scientists predict eruptions? Bob Abram, MOLTEN ROCK, or magma, and gasses spew from the mouth of a volcano in more

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