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What causes possessiveness in a relationship?

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a lack of trust and jealousy.

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How do use possessiveness in a sentence?

Her jealous possessiveness regarding his female "friends" threatened their relationship because she could no longer trust his fidelity .

How do you get rid of over-possessiveness?

The key to overcoming over-possessiveness is truly establishing trust. If both people have an understanding of one another, then there is no reason to be possessive. Besides, if you cannot establish this trust then you will never have a relationship that will last...

Is possessiveness necessary?

No it is definitely not. I think possessiveness is the death of any relationship specially in love ,if some one is yours he will be yours forever nobody need to be possessive.

How do you spell possessiveness?

That is the correct spelling of "possessiveness" (jealousy, or avarice).

What is difference between caring and possessiveness?

Caring has to do with a relationship that depends on a mutuality of feeling, a deep friendship that grows into intimacy. Possessiveness, I prefer "control" objectifies the partner, in other words, exerts complete control over your partner.

Dogs with food possessiveness?

Any dog that has not been trained to allow humans near their food bowl will have food possessiveness.

What is meaning of possessiveness in Telugu?


Why does obsession kill love in itself?

obsession is a form of possessiveness more than it is a form of love. so it is likely to destroy a relationship if one does not like to be overly possessed

Is the word possessiveness an idea noun?

Yes, the word 'possessiveness' is an idea noun (an abstract noun) as a word for an excessive desire to have, control, or dominate.

How do you get rid of possessiveness?

Self Hypnosis will help.Iam giving it a go!!!By taking a step back and considering how it affects the relationship. Remembering that the person is a person, and not an object, may help. If it gets serious, perhaps speaking to a relationship counselor would help.

What is controlling discuss the main characteristics of controlling?

it means possessiveness

How do you chenge myself from possessiveness?

Myself is a reflexive pronoun; not a possessive pronoun.

How do you spell jelousey?

The correct spelling of the noun is jealousy (envy or possessiveness).

What is the relationship between the epicenter of an earthquake and a fault?

the relationship is that a fault is what mainly causes the earthquake.

What is a noun for posses?

Noun forms for the verb to possess are possessor, possessiveness, and possession.

Why boys are so possessive?

The trait of possessiveness is not a trait of a male; possessiveness is a human trait. In most cases, possessiveness is a symptom of insecurity. If you are associated with a person (male or female) who is possessive, you cannot 'fix' this trait. Only the possessive person can build the self-esteem to overcome it (if not by themself, then with professional help). The possessive person can't do this unless they sincerely want to do so for themself. You can't make them want to do it.

What is Causes of lack communication in relationship?

The lack of communication leads to untrust in a relationship, witch leads to Divorce.

How can you convince your audience that there is a strong relationship between effects and their causes?

elaborate on the relationship using specific details

How are the moon and tides related?

The relationship is that the Moon causes the tides.

Which causes of death in the us bear a relationship to diet?


What is a relationship between two different kinds of organisms in which one lives in or on the other and causes it to harm is called what?

A Parasitic Relationship.

How do you deal with a possessive boyfriend?

Well possessive boyfriend are hard to deal with it . If you have one then talk to him that how his possessiveness bothers you. And never give your address or land line number to a possessive boyfriend.You need to communicate how you feel to your boyfriend regarding his possessiveness towards you and stop enabling him from doing so. Tell him if he cannot trust you enough and is constantly overly possessive then you are ending the relationship. If you do not manage to curb his behavior it will only get worse until it is unbearable making you feel smothered and may even cost you some friends because of his behavior.

What leading causes of death in the US does NOT bear a relationship to diet?


Is ringworm a mutualistic relationship?

no wringworm is a worm that causes irritation in the bowels

If a bacteria causes your throat to sore what kind of relationship is that in an ecosystem?