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Think about a rubber ball bouncing in slow motion. It hits the floor, the ball changes shape - the bottom flattens a little bit as it continues to press against the floor. Then it must straighten out and take it's natural shape and in doing so, pushes itself against the floor to round out again. The force of the ball taking it's round shape so quickly makes it go back up into the air again. So the harder you throw a ball down, the higher it will go up again.

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Q: What causes rubber to bounce?
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What substance causes rubber to bounce?

latex in the material causes rubber to bounce

How does temperature affect how high a rubber ball will bounce?

if a rubber ball is heated up it causes the molecules' energy to increase. as a result it exerts more pressure which causes it to bounce higher. heat also make the rubber a little softer so it will give the rubber ball a higher bounce.

If A rubber ball is dropped on the floor what force causes it to bounce?

kinetic and potential energy.

What makes rubber balls bounce?

When a rubber ball is bounced, its molecular structure causes it to compress, but it cannot equalize the pressure by expanding on the other side, so the pent-up energy is rapidly used by decompressing the ball which causes the bounce.

What causes leather basketballs to bounce?

A leather basketball has a inner rubber bladder which is inflated with air.

When you drop a rubber ball on the floor it bounces almost to its original height what causes the ball to bounce?


What will bounce higher then a rubber ball?

A glass ball will bounce higher than a rubber one.

Does temperature affect the bounce of a rubber ball?

Temperature does not affect the bounce of a rubber ball. Let's say you bounce a rubber ball on the grass. The result will be different then bouncing a rubber ball on a concrete surface. The result is different because you are using a solid, hard surface to bounce the ball with. But the temperature will not affect the bounce of a rubber ball. you can test it out for youself.

Does rubber or leather basketballs bounce higher?


Would a wooden ball bounce higher or a rubber ball bounce higher if dropped from the same height?

rubber ball

Why are tennis balls made from rubber?

Rubber helps Tennis Balls bounce better. If you get the kind of tennis balls with a very solid and not hollow rubber, it won't bounce. If it's hollow it will bounce way better. How could tennis balls not bounce without rubber? Tennis balls are made of rubber because it helps it bounce. This may sound silly, but how could a tennis ball bounce without being made of rubber? Tennis balls need rubber so that when they come into contact with the ground they do not burst or crack. It will dent slightly and go back to its original form. This is an advantage to a tennis ball being made out of rubber. so it can bounce.

What makes the racquetball bounce?


How does the material on a ball affect its bounce?

Most balls in this case are made of rubber, the thicker or more dense the rubber the less the bounce

Why does rubber bounce higher than plastic?

Rubber will bounce higher than plastic because the rubber has more elastic qualities. A rubber ball will give a little when it hits the floor and a plastic ball will not.

What makes a volleyball bounce?

it is make of rubber and is full of air so it can bounce

Does a cold rubber ball bounce?

Well, cold rubber balls do bounce, but warm rubber balls bounce better because when a cold rubber ball hits the floor, it generates heat instead of a rebound effect because the molecules are so close together that they collide with each other.

What makes a football bonce?

The rubber incasement the ball is made of as well as the composition of air withing when fully inflated causes a football to bounce.

What are high bounce balls made of?


What is the thing that makes a rubber ball bounce?


Why is rubber used on the outside of balls?

To make them bounce.

How does rubber help society?

Without rubber, society would not be able to bounce back. lol. get it, rubber... bouncing back.

Why do small rubber bouncy balls bounce higher than other balls?

because they are made to bounce

What made a tennis ball bounce?

The material rubber inside causes the ball to bounce up and can, in other words, be categorized in one of Newton's Laws of should look it up on can quite interesting...(: nikki131313

Why is rubber used in a tennis ball?

Rubber is known for its ability to bounce, and how strong it is. A tennis ball is used for the sport of tennis. It needs to be able to bounce, and be strong and sturdy so it can be hit. That is why rubber is a major use in a tennis ball.

How does temperature affect a rubber ball?

it makes it not bounce as high