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Usually from people taking showers whilst covered in sand.

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2010-03-23 11:18:40
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Q: What causes sand in a drain pipe?
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How do you find a drain pipe?

Radio Shack "drain pipe tracer".

What tools can repair a drain pipe that is flooding?

The drain pipe in my basement is flooding. What are some drain pipe repair tools that will remedy this situation?

Why is there sand at the bottom of your pool?

Most likely you have a sand filter unless you live near the beach. The sand filter has baffles inside the filter and buried down in the existing sand. One or more of the baffles or the stack pipe is cracked. causing sand to return to the pool with the filtered water. Drain the sand from the sand filter and replace the baffles and/or stack pipe. Replace with new sand. Be sure to use approved sand for sand filters.

What goes up a drain pipe down but not down a drain pipe?

Foul Air

Can a sewage drain pipe be to large?

Yes, a sewage drain pipe can be too large.

What is dwv pipe?

dvw pipe = drain, waste and vent pipe.

What causes pinhole leak in PVC pipe?

sand or some other type of abrasive mat in water supply,

Can you hook a water drain pipe to a 3'' sewer pipe and it be safe?

If you are talking about a roof water drain pipe to sewer it is illegal. If you are talking about a sink drain pipe well that is where they all connect to so yea.

What goes up a drain pipe down but not down a drain pipe up?

i think it is an umbrella or rain

What is a condensate drain pipe?

A condensate drain pipe is used in conjunction with air conditioning equipment. Usually installed with heat pumps, this drain pipe gives condensation a place to run off.

How do you change the sand in a pool filter?

AnswerTurn off the pump. Remove the filter drain plug and allow filter to drain. Remove the filter dome, if your filter doesn�t have a dome you may have to remove the multiport mounted on top of the filter. Using a wet/dry vacuum suck out the old sand and discard, be careful not to damage the laterals at the bottom of the filter. Slowly add new sand and spread around the inside of the filter tank. Put the filter back together. Replace the filter drain plug. Turn on the pump.ADDINGthis is a acceptable way to change out the sand of your sand filter, just keep in mind that if you have a multiport filter head then you must make sure the lateral assembly, the pipe in the filter, does not get any sand in it. sand in that pipe will add sand to the pool when the filter is turned on. Also you need to make sure that the pipe is centered in the filter before and during the adding of the new sand to the filter. If the pipe is not centered it will not allow the filter head to sit properly down on the filter and can lead to the possibility of leakage from the clamp where the head and filter meat. So in short you can use the wet/dry vac.just remember to keep the lateral assembly (pipe) centered and not allow any sand down in the pipe.

What does water drain faster out of wood or sand?


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