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It could be an ulcer, or it could be something less serious but in either case you should see a doctor if it's gone on that long.

- The most common pain in the upper stomach is a peptic ulcer, but it could also be caused by gallstones or pancreatitis or hepatitis. Please seek medical attention for any abdominal pain lasting 6 hours or more, immediatly if you have blood in your vomit/urine/stools. ALSO, remember the 5 F's of Gallbladder disease - doesn't mean you have to have these - and you could be younger - : F for fat - fair skinned - forty - flatulant (GAS) - fertile - but two of my friends had their gallbladders out and their symptoms were indigestion... Especially after eating greasy foods (deep fried foods) they sometimes felt like they were being stabbed thru the chest (diaphram) between the breasts and/or thru the chest to their back...See a doctor If you are a woman, I get bad stomach pains before and during my menstrual period that do not feel like cramps. You should visit your doctor.

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Q: What causes stomach pains in the top of your stomach that last for days?
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It has been 51 days since your last cycle and you feel fluttering in your stomach with ovulation like pains can you be pregnant?

You could be.

Can eating almonds give you a stomach ache?

Yes, for sensitive stomachs. Too much fiber causes fermentation in your gut and can lead to stomach pains that can last from a few hours to a few days. Can also cause diarrhea. It's important to portion control especially if you are sensitive.

How long do the stomach pains last when you're pregnant?

Well usually women start to feel it at 7 days and some may not feel it at all but usually all the way through your pregnacy you will have pains off and on depending on what type of person you are.

How many days is stomach flu last?

there is no such thing as a stomach flu .

How long can a stomach bug last?

A stomach bug or the stomach flu can typically last up to 10 days. The shortest amount of time that a stomach bug can last is one full day.

How many days does the stomach flu last?

Depending on which strand of stomach flu you have , it can last about 12-48 hours .

Your breast are tender you have bad stomach pains and weight gain in the last two weeks could you be pregnant?

you were raped

What are the first signs of your period?

usually a couple of days before your periods start, you will feel sick, like you want to throw up. this will last 3-7, or even more, days. then you will feel slight stomach cramps and back pains. then you will see blood a few days after.

How many days does the stomach bug last?

it normally last a few days but it could last several weeks too, depending on the bug.

I AM 12 DAYS LATE FOr my period could i be pregnant av some sympotoms as if im going to come on but nothing really bad pains in side n stomach last night could i be pregnant?

Yes you could

Stomach ache for 3 days or pregnancy?

I'd rather have the stomach ache. Kids last for years and years.

What are the typical symptoms of a stomach virus?

A stomach virus typically makes you vomit regularly and will produce sharp abdominal pains. A stomach infection is less likely to induce vomiting but will usually last longer, with a lower level of continuous pain.

If you cant lay down on your stomach cause it really hurts and since last month your period came but for three days same thing this month what could be the cause of that?

Period pains are not uncommon. One cause is contractions in the uterus. The best thing to do is see a doctor or pharmacist because some pain relief is possible but not always with conventional analgesics (pain killers). Be thankful though your pains are lasting only three days. Some women can experience period pains for two weeks.

Ive had lower stomach pains off on and my periods normal for 3 days then brown and discharge is this normal as my periods normally last 7 days but seems a lot shorter and a bit weird should i see doc?

It is normal for woman to have periods like that but if it makes you feel safe and comfortable see a doc

How long do stomach viruses usually last?

Stomach flu is a viral infection that affects the stomach and small intestine. The illness is usually brief, lasting 1 to 3 days.

At 22 weeks pregnant is having sharp pains normal?

yes!! i am 20 weeks pregnant ATM and have the same pain. they only last for a few moments and can be on either side of the lower stomach..... it shouldn't be anything to worry about but if the pains do become unbearable please see your doctor!! yes!! i am 20 weeks pregnant ATM and have the same pain. they only last for a few moments and can be on either side of the lower stomach..... it shouldn't be anything to worry about but if the pains do become unbearable please see your doctor!!

How many days does a kitten stay in a cat stomach?

A cat's pregnancy last about 9 weeks.

How long do growing pains last?

Growing pains can last between 10 to 15 minutes and can be felt deep in the muscles. Growing pains mostly happen with children as they grow up.

Your boyfriend and you played around two days ago last night you vommited along with back pains and belly pains could you be pregnant?

The vomiting could be a sign of being pregnant if it happens every day now,but the back and belly pains come way later.

How long can gas pains last?

Well, the doctor hasn't exactly "diagnosed" me with a gas build up. Although she does believe that is what I have, I have been having my pains for almost 2 months, and I went to the doctor after a month of pains. So, I know for sure they can last over a month. As for most people, it is usually 5-10 days, around there. I hope this helped.

How long do hunger pains last?

Hunger pains start about 12 to 24 hours after the last food has been ingested. They will last until a person eats something.

How long can period pains last?

As long as your period is! Sometimes the pain starts a few days before, but usually starts a day before.

I have had stomach pains for quite a while and it is in the adominal area We think it might be an ulcer but we are uncertain and i had my last period in December I don't know whats wrong?

Try a pregnancy test.

What can the problem be if you have abdominal pain a bloated stomach and have been feeling nauseous for the last couple of days?

you are pregnant

What happens when you get a Charlie Horse?

Charlie horse pain refers to a cramp and or spasm in the leg muscles. These pains can last for anywhere between seconds and a full day. There can be many causes of Charlie horse pains including dehydration and lack of calcium or potassium.