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What causes stomach pains in the top of your stomach that last for days?


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January 10, 2009 12:37AM

It could be an ulcer, or it could be something less serious but in either case you should see a doctor if it's gone on that long.

- The most common pain in the upper stomach is a peptic ulcer, but it could also be caused by gallstones or pancreatitis or hepatitis. Please seek medical attention for any abdominal pain lasting 6 hours or more, immediatly if you have blood in your vomit/urine/stools. ALSO, remember the 5 F's of Gallbladder disease - doesn't mean you have to have these - and you could be younger - : F for fat - fair skinned - forty - flatulant (GAS) - fertile - but two of my friends had their gallbladders out and their symptoms were indigestion... Especially after eating greasy foods (deep fried foods) they sometimes felt like they were being stabbed thru the chest (diaphram) between the breasts and/or thru the chest to their back...See a doctor If you are a woman, I get bad stomach pains before and during my menstrual period that do not feel like cramps. You should visit your doctor.