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your stomach growls because when the stomach has food in it it is churning the food but when there is no food in your stomach it is churning plain air which creates the growling sound.

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Can a horses stomach growl?

yes a horses stomach can growl as i have heard horses stomachs growl before. it sounds just like a humans.

When you are hungry and your stomach does not growl Is that a problem?

No, Gas,air and food cause stomachs to growl. You can still be hungry without the growling sounds.

Why do stomachs growl?

It's actually not your stomach that is growling. It's the bottom of your esophagus, just before the top of your stomach.

What causes your stomach to growl after you eat?

because of air we take our meal,becuse if our stomach do not growl our food that we eat doesn,t grind very well and it causes stomach ache

What is the present tense of the verb growl?

"Growl/growls" is the present tense.I growlWe growlYou growlHe/she growlsThey growl

What causes a Burning sensation on right side of stomachs above the novel.?

Often appendicitis.

Can a kangaroo growl?

No. Kangaroos do not growl.

Do tigers roar or growl?


Do tulips growl?

Yes, tulips do growl, but their growl is so soft that you can't hear them.

How do you spell the word growl?

You spelled the word growl correctly. The large dog had a deep growl, but the small dog had a high-pitched growl.

Do seahorses have stomachs?

They have stomachs.

Is it stomaches or stomachs?


Do seagulls have stomachs?

Yes, Seagulls have stomachs. All birds have stomachs.

What is a onomatopeia from twilight?

growl & hiss growl & hiss

What is Tagalog of growl?

Tagalog Translation of GROWL: umangil

Can sharks growl?

No, sharks can not growl. They are unable to vocalize.

Is the word growl a verb?

Yes, growl is a verb.

What is the code for the Daily Growl Award?

There is no code for the Daily Growl Award. You have to win the Daily Growl Trophy by being the winner or runner up in a Daily Growl competition.

What is the difference between bark and a growl?

Well a bark is less vicious then a growl, and also a bark is louder then a growl.

Why do dogs growl?

Dogs may growl because they are protective of their area. Also, they may growl because of an unknown scent. Sometimes they growl as a response to pain they're feeling.

What is a sentence using the word growl?

A tiger has a distinctive growl.The puppy could growl as if an old dog.The wife snapped at her husband, "Don't growl at me when you have a bad day!"

What are two example sentences for the plural of stomach?

Cows have four stomachs. I'm not sure which of the cow's four stomachs I am calling from.

How do you use growl in a sentence?

That dog will growl at you if you approach the house.

Is growl an onomatopoeia?

no, the act of growling may be, but the word growl is not.

Why do koalas growl?

Koalas growl for dominant and territorial reasons