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not enough sleep, stayin up late, wearing make-up, or it can be a skin irration

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Q: What causes sudden darkening under the eyes?
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What causes bags under the eyes?

Lack of sleep causes bags under the eyes.

What causes dark circles under the eyes?

Dark circles can show up under your eyes quickly due to a lack of REM sleep or sleep period. The lack of sleep causes the blood vessels under your eyes to burst which cause te darkness under your eyes.

What foods should you eat to help get rid of dark circles under eyes?

what causes dark circles under eyes?

What is the cause of bags under eyes?

Bags, or a dark tint, under the eyes is caused by natural aging. As one ages, the muscle and tissue under the eyes weakens, and causes a discoloration.

What causes chest pain without high pulse?

what causes black under eyes

What causes wrinkles under the eyes?

smoking is one of the reasons

What causes circles under the eyes?

when you have less sleep and you are tired.

What causes 'bags' under the eyes?

Lack of sleep or stress

What causes black circles under eyes?

Not enough sleep.

What causes bags under eyes?

Stress, malnutrition, or genetics.

What causes extreme black under the eyes?

In one Commercial, it said that it may be black under the eyes because blood is there. They have this one product that can help. !!!!!

What illegal Drug causes a reaction bruising under the eyes?


What causes under eye wrinkles?

If you are a habitual smoker, chances are you will get wrinkles under your eyes. Being out in the sun too long can also cause eye wrinkles. You can also get under eye wrinkles if your eyes spasm.

What are the big veins under the eyes caused by?

Heredity, fair complexion are the most common causes- not a disease.

What is a sudden flash of light into your eyes is called?

A flash, but a flash doesn't necessarily have to get into your eyes to be called a flash.

What causes black circles under the eyes?

it can be a sign of fatigue and is mainly caused by minor sleeplessness, or deprived sleep

What causes lumps under the eyes?

Generally this is from a lack of sleep. However some drug abuse can cause this as well.

Why are your cats eyes suddenly cloudy?

A cat can have a sudden change in the eyes that appear as cloudy due to cataract in the lens.

What makes swelling under the eyes?

Some adults can have water retention under their eyes and it can be a hereditary factor so a child may have that particular gene. Other causes can be water retention and allergies. It's advisable you see your doctor about this problem.

What kind of makeup emphasizes bedroom eyes?

Dark colored or shadowy eye makeup can accentuate bedroom eyes. The darkening effect can add brightness to eye color and provides a mysterious and sultry effect.

Dark circles under eyes?

In some rare cases, lack of vitamins, lack of sleep, poor quality of sleep and age makes dark circles worsen, No matter what are the causes your dark circles under eyes, under eye treatment reviews site can help get rid of for you.

What are some of the causes of eye ailments?

sore eyes, irritated eyes sore eyes, irritated eyes

When was Under Western Eyes created?

Under Western Eyes was created in 1911.

What causes a twitch under your eye?

Lack of sleep most likely. Or a strain of your eyes if your on the computer or watch too much tv

What causes objects to look longer?

Any distortion in the light that gets from the object from your eyes - for example, refraction if the object is under water.