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Four Seasons, Winter. Seasons are a subdivision of a year. The Earth's rotation axis is tilted by 23.4392794383 degrees with respect to the, at different times of a variation in the 180 - 270 deg (mn), longitudes 270 - 360 deg (Winter). The Sun true longitude (Lsun) is derived from Sun mean longitude (Lmean) and Earth mean anomaly (ME). For any input through many Sun true Longitude (Lsun) for the input year 1013 :

  1. Year = 2013, Start : UT year = 2013, month = 3, day = 20, hr = 11, min = 2, sec = 9.15719,true Log deg = 360.00000013, Start Time of: UT year = 2013, month = 6, day = 21, hr = 5, min = 1, sec = 23.88007, the Sun true Log deg = 90.00000: UT year = 2013, month = 9, day = 22, hr = 20, min = 45, sec = 38.50711, the Sun true Log deg = 180.00000
  2. Year = 2013, Start Time of Winter : UT year = 2013, month = 12, day = 21, hr = 17, min = 10, sec = 7.88032, the Sun = 270.00000

Note : All these values are computed using the Orbital Mechanics - Model & Simulation Software OM-MSS.

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Q: What causes the Earths seasons?
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What causes seasons on Eart?

earths rotation

What effect does the wobble in earths rotation have?

it causes the seasons.

How do you get seasons?

Since the earths orbit is not exactly even, when we are closer to the earth it causes warmer seasons and when we are further away it causes colder seasons.)

What is the cause of earths seasons?

the way the earth spins arund the sun causes the seasons.

Why does the earths tilt matter?

Because that's what causes the seasons.

What does the earths tilt do normally?

The Earth's tilt is what causes the seasons.

What two things causes the earths four seasons?

The period of the earths orbit around the sun and the earths tilt on its axis

Can you describe what causes seasons?

its earths tilt on its axis orbiting the sun

What causes use to have seasons?

the earths tilt and the orbit around the sun

What causes earths seasons besides its tilt?

That's it. Nothing else.

How does earths revolution around the sun creates the four seasons?

the earth's tilt causes the four seasons.

Does the Moon's movements around earth have anything to do with the seasons of the year?

Tides yes, seasons no. The Earths tilt causes the seasons as we orbit the sun.

Why do you have seasons and what causes them?

The revolvtion is not the only answer also light rays hitting the earths surface

What causes Earths seasons?

The earth tilts on an axis and the sun moves around it so the further the sun is and the closer, the seasons change

Causes the change in seasons on Earth?

the earth revolves around the sunthe earths axis is tilted.

What are the effects associated with the tilt of earths axis?

The tilt of the Earth's axis causes the change in the seasons.

Does the revolution of the earth cause changes in seasons?

No what simply causes seasons is the tilt of the earths Axis depending on how close earth is to the sun when it is tilting.

What causes seasons to occur in certain zones A Amount of rainfall B Height of m?

the tilt of the earths axis.

Why in December the northern hemisphere experiences winter and in June it experiences summer?

The Tilt On The Earths Axis Which Causes Seasons

Why is the sun and earths rotation causes the four seasons?

The Earth is tilted 23 degrees. As the Earth rotates around the sun the Hemisphere of the Earth that is closest to the sun is having summer. The hemisphere that is farther away is having winter. The Earths rotation every 24 hours has no effect on the seasons. It is the Earth's rotation around the sun that causes the seasons.

What is caused by the tilt of the earths axis and earths revolution?


Are earths axis inclined?

Yes. The inclination angle is 23 degrees. This causes the seasons, spring, summer fall and winter.

What are earths seasons caused by?


Are Jupiters seasons like earths?


How are seasons caused?

Seasons are caused by the earths tilt at 23.5 degrees.