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Q: What causes the clouds on Jupiter?
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Does Jupiter have clouds and acid rain?

Jupiter has clouds, but not acid rain.

Does Jupiter has any gas clouds?

Jupiter is a gas planet so i does have alot of gas clouds

Where do Jupiter live?

In the clouds.

Is Jupiter a cloud?

No. Jupiter is a planet. It has clouds of various types.

Does Jupiter has clouds?

Yes, Jupiter has clouds which are located in the troposphere which are made up of ammonia, ammonium, hydro sulfide, and H2O.

What are the bands on Jupiter?

jupiter bands are we see are the clouds we recall from earth

How many cloud layers does Jupiter have?

Jupiter has 3 layers of clouds.

Does Jupiter have a lot of clouds?

kind of bu it has alot of storm clouds

Does jupiter have any clouds?


Is water found on Jupiter?

in the clouds

What is the surface of jupiter covered with?


What causes Jupiter appearance?

Jupiter's fast rotational period (less than 10 hours) causes sustained winds in excess of more than 400 mph. Because of this, Jupiter's clouds are elongated and appear to be strips. The effect is also caused by the atmospheric elements hydrogen and helium being manipulated by the winds.