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The sun doesn't actually move the earth moves so does the constellations and the stars. We see them move because the solar system spins on an axis just like earth but the earth moves much faster. So we see things move but at a very slow pace all day. The constellations and stars in the sky seem to move because just like all planets they move with the solar system.

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Q: What causes the daily motion of the sun constellations and stars in the sky?
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Are all-stars constellations?

Constellations are patterns of stars, so stars cannot be constellations.

Why are stars constellations?

Constellations are not stars. Groups of stars that look like they form various objects or shapes are called constellations.

Patterns of stars are called what?

Patterns of stars are called constellations.

What causes the apparant movement of stars in the sky?

The real motion of stars is hardly noticeable even over a period of many years. It's the Earth's daily rotation the is the main cause of their apparent motion. (Stars are so far away that the Earth's revolution around the Sun hardly cases any apparent motion.)

Are constellations made up of stars?

yes constellations are made up of stars!!!!!

What motion of earth makes it seem as if the stars and constellations are in different positions at different times of the year?

Earth orbiting the sun

Are constellations made up of light rays from the stars?

No, constellations are imaginary patterns of stars.

Do constellations ever fade?

No - they are made up of stars. As long as the stars are there, the constellations will be there too.

What are the stars that make up the constellations?

Different stars make up different constellations...

What would you call a group of stars that aren't constellations?

A group of stars. Constellations aren't actually connected stars.

If all-stars die then how are there constellations?

Constellations are imaginary patterns in the sky formed by stars. As some stars burn out, new stars form.

Are constellations stars falling towards earth?

No. Constellations are arrangements of stars that appear to form pictures.