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Q: What causes the leaves of an African Violet plant to turn brown?
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What is the violet's life cycle?

the life cycle of a violet is the seed, a seedling, then it starts to sprout petals and leaves, next it loses petals turns brown and dies

Who is violet from Charlie Brown?

Violet Gray is the best friend of Patty and likes to antagonize Charlie Brown .

Adjective The brown leaves are dead?

brown dead

How long do African Violets flowers normally live for?

Some varieties of African violet flowers can live a week although the flower usually starts to turn brown and will wilt.

What color does brown and grey make when they are mixed together?


What color do you get when you mix orange and violet?


What color does violet and green make?


If you mix green and violet what do you get?

brown or black

What causes houseplant leaves to turn brown at the ends?

This is usually caused by dryness, specially in the air around the plant.

A plant can have either brown B or red b leaves and brown is the dominant trait so if a plant has genotype BB what best describes the plant?

heterzygous with brown leaves

How do brown leaves make food for the plant?

Brown leaves also contain chlorophyll but the brown pigment mask the green pigment and hence the leaves appear brown.

What color does brown and violet mixed together make?

An ugly shade of brown.

When was All the Leaves Are Brown created?

All the Leaves Are Brown was created in 1965.

What color does green and red violet make?


What color will you get if you mix green and violet?

brown probably

What color do you get when you mix blue and violet and brown?


What is the color of iodine?

It is a violet-dark grey As a gas iodine is violet, as solid is very brown. The color in solutions depends on the solvent - the ethanolic solution is brown. The melted iodine is also brown.

When Were m and M's brown?

The original M & M colors were: in 1941 - brown, yellow, orange, red, green, and violet. Tan replaced violet in 1949.

Why does a violet put its roots in the soil?

African violets like brown peat moss, vermiculite, perlite to grow it's roots in because violet roots like and need air pockets around their roots so the roots won't rot.

Why are your tree leaves turning brown?

The leaves are dying

What leaves does a redwood tree have?

Brown and red leaves

Is Chris Brown African?

African Amercian...

What color do you get when you mix red and brown?

usually you would get violet

What colour does violet and yellow make?

A yellowish shade of brown.

Who does Charlie Brown try to thank for a Christmas card?