What causes the liquid to move in a thermometer?


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When the liquid in the thermometer gets warmer it expands.

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Heat causes mercury in the thermometer to expand, where as when it is cooled, it contracts.

As the liquid in the thermometer is heated it expands, and the only way the expanding liquid can go is upward. As the liquid in the thermometer cools, it will contract, and the liquid will fall back down into the resevoir, causing the column of liquid to move downward.

Convection causes liquid rock to move.

Gases expand or contract when heated or cooled. The main part of the thermometer has a 'large' bulb containing a gas connected by a hose to a tube filled with liquid. The expansion or contraction of the gas causes the liquid level to move this indicates the temperature.

gas thermometer are more sensitive then liquid thermometer

When the liquid is heated (by the environment), the particles in the liquid have more energy, and start moving around more, which causes the liquid to expand and take up more room. Conversely, in cold temperatures, the particles do not have as much energy, and do not move as much, so the liquid contracts.

the liquid in the thermometer rises because of the surrounding heat which causes a chemical reaction wihtin the substance which makes the liquid rises. When, the liquid sinks, itn is because the air has gotten cooler

No, heating a liquid makes it's particles move farther apart (makes the liquid expand). This is most readily observed in an old glass thermometer. As your temperature goes up (as you heat the liquid in the thermometer), the liquid inside expands and travels up the thermometer.

what is the red liquid in the thermometer called

Mercury the liquid inside thermometer is mercury.. but it is called thermometric liquid.

what do they use for the liquid in glass ball thermometer

The liquid will be an antiseptic or alcohol to sterilise the thermometer.

The narrower the bore the less liquid (mercury or alcohol) is required so the bulb containing the fluid will adjust more quickly to the temperature being measured. o.k well the narrower bore makes the liquid move slower up the thermometer so the accuracy is better ?????

The particles of the liquid inside a thermomater begin to move faster and farther apart when the temperature increases

The cold reduces the temperature in the liquid inside the thermometer bulb. Most substances contract when their temperature drops so the liquid in the bulb occupies less space. this causes the column of liquid outside the bulb to become smaller.

1. Liquid Thermometer 2. Bimetallic Thermometer

A liquid thermometer measures lowest temperature while air thermometer measures lowest temperature of the day!! Hope this helps

liquid thermometer measures the lowest temperature while air thermometer measures the lowest temperature of the day. liquid uses liquid and air uses air.

what is teh desirable properties of using liquid crystal thermometer?

A liquid thermometer actually measures the thermal expansion of the liquid (mercury).

In a thermometer is a liquid metal called Mercury, so the liquid expands when it is heated up.

the liguid inside the thermometer is Mercury.

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