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Sounds as if you have a pinched nerve. It could also be your mattress. If your mattress is sagging, or the stuffing is thin, then the springs are hitting you along your body. Time for a new mattress! If it isn't that then it's the wrong mattress for you. There are so many good mattress' out there and one that is high ranking is "memory foam" like the ones tha astronauts used while in space. You can buy these mattress' at your leading mattress stores. They don't come cheap! I was in a head-on collision (not my fault) and injured my neck. I would wake up with severe headaches and numbness down the left side of my body. It scared the heck out of me as I thought I was having a heart attack. I saw my Doctor Who sent me to a Chiropractor and that helped. The Chiropractor suggested a "roll" for inside my pillow case. It looks like a long sausage and you just insert it inside the pillow case length-wise at the very edge of your pillow. When you lay on it, it cups your neck. I've never had a problem since and I even take my pillow and foam roll with me on holidays. Why the pillow? Because your shaped head has made your pillow the most comfy for you and if you were to sleep on a pillow in a hotel/motel it could cause you discomfort and besides that ... if you put your roll in one of those other pillows you'd probably forget it and trust me when I say, you will hold onto that roll (for your neck) like a baby hangs onto a soother. LOL If you go to drug stores that handle special things like elbow braces or hand braces, etc., this is where you will find the good rolls for your pillow. Good luck Marcy

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Q: What causes the numbness on the back of your head right hand and feet while sleeping?
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What Causes of numbness in right foot while sleeping?

Laying on your foot

What causes numbness in hands while sleeping?

Numbness in hands while sleeping can be caused from a variety of things. This could be poor circulation or you may have been laying on your arm.

Why do your hands get numbless while asleep?

The numbness in hands is a sign of loss feeling or sensation. Numbness can happen if you are laying on your hand while sleeping.

Can you answer questions while sleeping?

I am right now

What causes upper arm pain at night while sleeping?

Sleeping on that arm. Try alternating arms. You are welcome Sleeping on that arm. Try alternating arms. You are welcome

What causes your hand to go numb while sleeping?

My right hand goes numb at night due to may age, 70+ causing lack of blood circulation.

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What is the cause of numbness of body?

Another cause of limb numbness is the hyperventilation some people experience when they're anxious or afraid. While numbness usually is a harmless symptom, doctors stress that any sudden, unexplained numbness could be a sign of a serious illness and should be checked out. Among the more serious causes of numbness are poor blood circulation, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and carpal tunnel syndrome-a compression of the nerves of the wrist, which causes numbness in the hand and fingers. Numbness also can be a warning sign of an imminent stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA), a mini-stroke that temporarily causes symptoms of a major stroke such as paralysis or blurred vision. Without proper medical treatment, a TIA can lead to a full-blown stroke that may cause permanent physical or mental impairment.

How will sleeping after you eat affect you?

Sleeping right after you eat can cause you to gain weight because while you are sleeping you aren't moving around to work off the sugars & fat that you had just eaten.

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Yes you can learn while sleeping. research shows that you can in fact learn while sleeping because the mind is very forgiving.

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What causes the raspy morning voice?

During the night, your throat can get dry due to breathing while asleep. Especially if you breathe through your mouth while sleeping.

Why does your body get cold while sleeping?

I believe when your tired, you get cold. When you sleeping, you are very tired. You get cold while sleeping because you are tired

What is wrong when you turn or stretch while in bed you get severe head pain on the right side of your head with numbness along your head and face later?


Why should not cover the face while sleeping?

There is surely no harm in covering the face while sleeping.

What chemical in your body keeps you asleep while sleeping?

Melatonin is the chemical in your body that keeps you asleep while sleeping.

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What causes aching hips while sleeping?

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How do you kiss someone while sleeping?

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Why do arms go numb while sleeping?

Positioning can cause nerves to be pinched in your cervical spine of the neck; usually your c3-c5 vertebrae. Too many pillows under your head or sleeping with your arms above or under your body will do this as well.

What is the name of involuntary clenching of the teeth while sleeping?

Clenching or grinding of the teeth, while sleeping or while awake, is called Bruxism.

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