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What causes the sea to be salty?

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Well, It's sperm.

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Sea and ocean water is salty.

Yes the sea of Marmara is salty

Yes, it is a sea and has salty water.

The Baltic Sea is known as Brackish, that is, a little more salty than fresh water, but not as salty as sea water

The dead sea. So salty you can walk on it.

The Dead Sea is far more salty than the ocean.

the dead sea is extremely salty, much more than the red sea

Most unlikely. If sea levels reduce the oceans will become more salty.

The Dead Sea is more salty than any of the Oceans.

it travels into the sea which is salty

It is brackish, meaning it is slightly salty.

The Dead Sea is known as the 'Sea of Salt'

the water is salty because of whale sperm

Sea water contains salt, which gives the water it's salty taste

The Baltic Sea is known as Brackish, that is a little more salty than fresh water, but not as salty as sea water

Yes, as all seas are salty, the Southern Ocean that surrounds the continent is salty, too.

Yep. Tasted pretty salty to me.

Because the fresh water turns into salty water.

due salty water due to salty water

The Black Sea is the most salty one.

it is salty and salty waters are dense

All sea water is salty. As a general rule the nearer the equator the more salt there is. Therefore the Carribbean is a salty sea.

The Dead Sea near America

It's not very salty actually. The Baltic sea has a lower salinity than the open ocean.

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