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what causes the wids to curve

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What makes global winds curve?

Coriolis force causes global winds to curve. As winds move north or south, they are deflected due to the rotation of the Earth. They curve to the west.

In which direction do winds curve in the northern himisphere?

Winds curve to the RIGHT in the northern hemisphere.

Why do the global winds curve like they do?

Global winds are caused by unequal heating of the Earth's surface and they curve because... If the Earth did not rotate, Global Winds would not curve. They would be straight as a line. So because of EARTH'S ROTATION, global winds curve.

What causes winds in the Northern Hemisphere to curve at the right as they move?

Axial tilt of the wart moving, or the Coriolis Effect.

What factors in the atmosphere affect weather?

Convection currents: Causes the trade winds to curve to the west in both hemespheres

How does earths rotation make global winds curve?

coriolis effect causes inds to cureve to the left or right depending on the hemisphere.

What causes winds in the NorthernSouthern Hemisphere too curve to the rightleft as they move?

Its called the Coriollis Effect caused by the Earth's west to east rotation.

How does the corilis effect affect the wind movement?

because of the coriolis effect in the northern hemisphere, winds travling north curve to the east and winds travaling to the south curve to the west.

Which way do winds turn in the southern hemisphere?

Winds curve/turn towards the left in the Southern Hemisphere.

What is the local causes of the local winds?

The causes of local winds are because of temperature and air pressure. The greater one of these are, the stronger the winds are.

What direction does the Earths rotation make the prevailing winds curve?

The Earth's rotation affects all winds, prevailing or otherwise. In the northern hemisphere the Earth's rotation cause wind to curve to the right. It curves winds to the left in the southern hemisphere.

Why do curveballs curve?

The friction of the seams with the air causes the ball to curve

What causes global winds to curve rather than move straight?

The result of Earth's rotation. Air heads into low pressure system center and out of high pressure system.

Why does surface winds tend to curve?

Because of the rotation of the earth and the shape

How does earth's rotation influence the movement of global winds?

The influence of earths rotation is called the Coriolis effect. The coriolis effect causes wind to curve instead of going in a straight line.

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