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What causes throat burn?


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that deep throatness

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Lemon water shouldn’t normally burn the throat. You may have a sore throat. Another idea is that you might be allergic to lemon, if lemon normally doesn’t burn your throat.

The Streptococcus bacterium causes strep throat.

Heart burn is caused by excess Hydrochloric acid moving up the esophagus.

A horse throat is when your throat is soar

A "fuzzy" throat can have many causes. Allergies can cause your throat to feel fuzzy due to postnasal drip, or strep throat can begin with a fuzzy feeling in your throat.

Gonorrhea of the throat typically causes a severe sore throat with extreme redness. Other causes of sore throat are more common.

Most likely. You will burn your throat and lungs.

Your throat will burn up.

A lot of chemicals burn your skin. The most common chemical to burn you would be Ammonia that will cause your throat to shut and cause your breathing to stop. It will burn your throat really bad possibly leaving blisters.

A cold, the flu, tonsillitis, and strep throat can cause a swollen throat.

if you eat something bad you can get a soar throat

Probably somethin that was in your food

to burn the throat of humanity

1) a bacterial infection of the throat. 2) a viral infection of the throat 3) physical damage to the throat 4) cancer of the throat

There are many causes for lower throat pain. These causes can include allergies, post nasal drip, or strep throat. If symptoms persist see a doctor.

Streptococcus pyogenes cause strep throat.

Streptococcal bacteria cause strep throat.

Its A Good Thing I don't Have A Lump In My Throat You Alien Weirdo you have A Lump In Your Throat.

Yes, bacterial infections by mesophilic pathogens can cause the symptom of a sore throat. For example, one infamous bacteria for this is Streptococcus pyogenes which causes strep throat.

Sore throat with white spots on tonsils could be strep throat or thrush.

Nodules in the throat can be caused by abusing alcohol. Nodules can also form in the throat from long-term smoking.

The cell that causes strep throat is a bacteria by the name of streptocacas.

Hiccups are caused by muscle spasams of the throat. This is caused by a sudden change in throat,

There are numerous causes of a sore throat. They can be viruses, bacteria, strains, allergies, etc.

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