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There are a number of causes that could lead to tiles popping when a pool is drained. This could just be stress on the tiles.

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Fresh blisters in a swimming pool?

Blisters on your skin or on the pool finish??? If on pool finish: It means that the surface is delaminating - will eventually pop and reveal the subsurface. There are several different causes for this condition. Final result is that you will have to get the pool resurfaced.

Will draining and leaving a tiled pool in a hot wet climate damage it?

More and likely yes, the sun would dry the tiles out may cause the grout to pop off, crack,

What companies are available for one to hire for pool tile cleaning?

There is definetley a lot of pool tile cleaning companies, you just need to do a search on Google for "pool tile cleaning near me" and there should be a lot that pop up. For example, we serve in Laguna niguel for pool tile cleaning services

How do you use pool in sentence?

The pool was so cold that I almost felt like an ice pop.

Can a pool full of water pop out the ground?


What causes the cap to pop off a bottle of orange juice?

The air srtatergy causes the cap to pop off!

A fiberglass lap pool that is tiled is having tiles popping off and needs to be retiled what should be used so the tiles do not pop off again?

Pool tile pops off very often. It happens most often on lifted walls that are set up to be a retaining wall. It also happens on the wall that divides the pool from the spa, also known as the spillway wall. The tiles should be replaced using thin set mixed with an acrylic instead of water. This makes a very strong bond to the gunite and instead of them popping of completely next time there is earth movement, they will actually get hairline stress cracks. Somtimes not even noticable.

What happens when you pop your fingers?

When you pop your fingers alot it causes symptoms of arthrites

What causes fetlock to pop?

Young horses sometimes "pop" a splint, not a fetlock.

What is the fermentation that causes the champagne cork to pop?

Carbon dioxide is produced from yeast. This carbon dioxide causes champagne to bubble and the cork to pop.

Is it true that an inground pool may 'pop up' out of the ground when drained?

Yes it is true. if you empty a pool and the ground-water level is high enough, the pool turns from being a 'pool', to being a 'boat'. I have personally witnessed the event. A 45ft concrete (gunite) pool while being emptied, with the discharge water being pumped out close to the pool - and whammo!!. It was like the second coming of Christ!. A huge noise, and the pool reared itself out of the ground. We were inside the house and heard the noise and only knew what happened when we looked outside and saw the pool angled out of the ground, 4 ft higher at one end than it started out at.

What causes your eyes to pop out of your head?

pulling them out.

Does a salt water pool need to be drained annually?

In a word, no. In fact, if the pool is vinyl or fiberglass (or you live in an area with a high water table) draining ANY pool is not a good idea. A drained pool can pop out of the ground or the liner can be ruined unless special precautions are taken. IF you live in an area that gets hard freezes a pool needs to be winterized but that is not the same as draining it. Since salt pools do not use stabilized chlorine then they do not become overstabilzed. The only reason water partial replacement might be needed is if the calcium hardness is very high and this often involves trucking in softer water is the supply water is very hard. (however, in areas with high calcium hardness, such as Arizona, there are companies that can 'process' the water in the pool to remover the excess calcium so water replacement might not be neceessary)

Tiles - can you replace just hand painted tiles interspersed above counter?

You can cut out the grout and hopefully get the tile to pop out. They may not survive the process, it just depends on how well they were put up.

What causes firewood to pop?

There are pockets of sap in the wood and when it boils it explodes causing a pop sound.

Can a concrete pool pop?

If you mean can a concrete pool pop up out of the ground then the answer is Yes it can. All you need is an empty or partially empty concrete pool and a lot of ground water around it once the ground water around the outside of the pool builds up enough the pool will start to float. I have seen it happen several times over the years. To avoid this happening most pools have a hydrostatic valve fitted in the bottom of the pool to allow ground water into the pool when there is a build up of water pressure outside the pool it flows into the pool to stop it from floating.

What causes a balloon to pop in a freezer?

The pressure on the rubber.

I have a Pop up pool can you use salt water in it with the original filter system?


Why did your fiberglass pool pop out of the ground?

Fibreglass pools will pop if the surrounding earth is saturated with water and the water table forces the empty shell from the ground.

Why do your ears pop when you drive in the mountains?

As you go up in altitude, the external pressure drops and this causes your ears to pop.

What causes the hole in Swiss cheese?

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Can a drained pool be pushed up out of the earth?

Yes. If you have a high water table, then water pressure will try to lift the pool out of the ground. Mostly this is going to be due to water (ground settling could also do damage), so it's less of a concern if you're in a flat, dry area, but even in that case it's still a possibility. It's unlikely your pool has so much structural integrity that it would literally pop out of the ground. Much more likely is that it would crack or buckle from a lack of pressure equilibrium.

What causes bubble gum bubbles to pop?

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What happens when an inflatable pool has too much water?

they will usually overflow, but in some cases they will pop.

An electrical signal causes the atria to?

bubble up and popno one knowsthe signal causes the atria to contract.