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if you are sexually active it could be an sti but you should really go to the doctors to get that checked Cartman

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Q: What causes vaginal blisters?
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Can scratching cause vaginal blisters?

Yes; irritation of the skin or lining can lead to blisters.

What causes small red blood blisters around the vaginal wall?

Sounds like some sort of STD, I suggest going to the doctor to find out what it is and have it treated.

What causes fever blisters and cold sores?

The herpes virus causes fever blisters and cold sores.

What causes fever blisters?

Fever blisters are caused by the herpes virus.

What causes a vaginal yeast infection?

A pH and vaginal flora imbalance.

What causes fever blisters on lips?

The herpes virus causes fever blisters. Fever blisters ARE contagious, so don't kiss or drink after someone who has a visible fever blister (AKA cold sore).

Causes of vaginal itching?

There can be several different causes of vaginal itching. Some of the most common causes are using different soaps or laundry detergent. Additionally, super tight underwear that is not made of cotton can cause vaginal problems.

What causes blisters on your tongue?

telling lies or herpes

What causes blisters on lips and tongue?

biting it constantly

What kind of herpeswhich one causes fever blisters?

Fever blisters and cold sores are caused by the oral herpes virus.

What causes the vaginal to be warm?

blood flow to that area causes it to be warm.

What kind of Bug bite causes blisters?

huntsman spider

What causes blisters on gums near the teeth?

chickenpox, e.g.

What causes infitigo?

What causes impetigo is a skin infection that is caused by bacteria. It causes red cores and blisters which some fluids.

What causes vaginal fistulas?

Vaginal fistulas are caused by infection and trauma to the tissue during childbirth.

What causes vaginal lubrication?

bartholin gland

What causes vaginal scents?

not having a bath

What are fever bumps or blisters?

Fever bumps / blisters are caused by the same contagious virus that causes cold sores which is oral herpes (HSV!).

What causes blisters on a guy genital area and also his sex partner?

Typically genital blisters are due to herpes, but diagnosis after exam is needed.

What causes tongue blisters?

Tongue blisters can be caused by viruses, trauma or allergy. It causes pain and interferes with eating and drinking. It is also caused by deficiency of Vitamin B. People with vitamin B deficiency usually experience blisters in mouth because their immunity towards bacterial infection decreases.

What causes blisters on hand palms and fingers?

Heat, friction and infection

What causes blood blisters?

Blood blisters are the result of a rupture that occurs in the blood vessel. This occurs when there is trauma that is experienced to the blood vessel which does not puncture the skin.

Which gland causes vaginal lubrication?

Bartholin's Gland

What causes puss bumps in the vaginal area?


What causes long vaginal liminora labia?


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