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Urinary Tract Infections (bladder infections)

What causes water infections?

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What causes bladder infections?

if you dont drink water or hold your pee

What are the most common causes of yeast infections?

The most common causes of yeast infections are using scented soaps and oils in the bath water or shower. A good home remedy for yeast infections is drinking cranberry juice at the first sign of infection.

What causes fungal infections?

what causes fungal infection

Does Gatorade cause bladder infections?

yes NO! Bacteria causes bladder infections.

What causes respiratory infections?


What causes ear infections?


What causes cold sweating?

Causes can be fever, illness, infections and meducations

How does penicillin help tooth pain?

penicillin kills infections and infections are what causes pain.

What causes toenails to harden?


What causes itching inside virgina?


What causes bone infections?

lack of calcium

What causes rare lymphocytes?

viral infections

What causes phimosis?

Chronic yeast infections

Which pathogen causes the most infections?


What causes the most enterobacterial infections in the United States?

E. coli infections cause most of the enterobacterial infections in the United States

Viruses and bacteria?

Viruses and bacteria both cause infections and both are microbes. A virus causes a viral infection and bacteria causes bacterial infections.

What causes intestine infections?

The bacteria and all of the germs come together and cause the infections in your intestine

Why do kidney infections cause a headache?

Kidney infections, like other bacterial infections, often result in a fever. The fever causes the symptom of headaches. These infections are treated with antibiotics.

What causes styes?

Styes are infections of the sebaceous glands at the base of the eye lashes. The infections are from staph bacteria.

What type of organism causes yeast infections?


What causes tooth infections?

!resident oral bacteria.

What causes urinary track infections?

pooping to much.

If clogged causes pimples infections and overheated?


What causes lip infections?

if you use an unstaril neddle

Causes of bladder infections?

not drinking enough water, not urinating for long periods of time, having a catheter in place, and not fully emptying your bladder

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