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Its the change in a temperature. If its cold water might freeze and make an ice cube.

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When water is heated, energy is being added to it, this causes it to change form a liquid to a gas

Changes in temperature and pressure.

The property that causes water to form beads is called surface tension.

The temperature causes water to change state. Water converts into vapors , den condenses and precipitates.

The phase change is called deposition: water vapor changes directly to ice.

The process that causes minerals to form from bodies of water is precipitation. This can come in the form of rain, hail, freezing rain, snow and sleet.

Condensation causes dew to form.

This phase change is called evaporation.

No, the change of a state of matter is not a chemical change because it can return to its original form. Water turning from liquid to solid form is a physical change.

The form of water you are seeing is water vapor turning to mist and then collecting on leaves.

oxidation causes rust to form

Erosion of land usually from water

Water freezing is a physical change because the chemical composition of the water does not change.

the evaporation causes nuclear fission which therefore causes the object c341o to become C12a.

Deep ocean currents are caused by 3 things:change in temperaturechange in salinity by evaporationchange in salinity by freezingBecause colder water and saltier water are more dense, they sink, and the motion causes deep currents.

when u heat up water becomes diffrent.

It causes matter to change by turning water into gas which is vaporization. water into ice and burning wood into ash.

Vaporization (evaporation) of water to a gas is caused by heating the water.

energy causes change because it affects the physical and chemical properties of substanses as it changes from one form to another.

The condensation of water vapor in the atmosphere causes precipitation. It precipitates in the form of rain, snow, sleet etc.

the change from a solid to a gas (without changing into a liquid first) is known as sublimation "Sublimation is an endothermic change (requires energy from its surroundings). As dry ice sublimes, the cold carbon dioxide vapor causes water vapor in the air to condense and form clouds."

The water will be calm, because a change in density causes water to move and can also cause deep water currents

Water freezing to ice is a physical change.