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Static electricity.

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Q: What causes you to be shock when you walk across a carpet?
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If someone walks across a carpet and touch a doorknob and get a shock what caused it?

When you walk across the carpet you pick up stray electrons. Those electrons then transfer from you to the doorknob when you touch it causing a shock.

If you walk briskly across a carpet what causes you to experience a spark on touching a door knob?

Static electricity that is built up as you walk across the carpet and is discharged as you touch the metal door knob

If you walk briskly across a carpet you often experience a spark on touching a door knob.what causes this?


How can static electricity be produced?

walk across a carpet and drag your feet in your socks and touch metal and you will produce static electricity and get a shock.

When you walk across a nylon carpet you become negatively charhed.when you touch a metal handle you get an electric shock. Why?

You just grounded out your charge.

Why do you get an electric shock when you walk across a nylon carpet and then touch a metal handle?

Walking across a nylon carpet can cause charge separation between you and the carpet. You take on an electrostatic charge as a result. Touching a door knob allows that charge you accumulated to neutralize via a discharge event. The static discharge is the electric shock.

When you walk across a carpeted floor and then touch a metal doorknob what is the shock you may feel?

When you walk over the carpet in socks, your feet rub electrons off the carpet, this gives you a slightly negative static charge. When you reach for a doorknob, you get a shock as electrons jump from you to the knob, which conducts electricity.

Why do you get a shock when you walk across a carpet in wool socks and then touch a metal door handle?

You build up static electricity by walking across the carpet. When you touch metal, it releases the stored energy. positive and negative charges. when you drag your feet against carpet you are negatively charged and so the metal is positively charged so there fore causing an electric shock

What can your body acquire when you walk across the carpet?


Why do you get shock when you walk on carpet and touch others?

because of static and because your gay

Why frictional electricity is called triboelectricity?

It is because the Greek root word "tribo or tribos" means to rub or rubbing. Friction transfer of electrons occurring during contact of two opposite materials on the triboelectric series of materials causes electrical properties to change overall polatity. Example... Rub a rubber balloon on your hair and touch it to the wall and it sticks until the electrons dissipate. Also walk across nylon carpet with tennis shoes and touch a doorknob and ZAP you get a shock. Once the shock was received the electron imbalance is gone and no more shock until you walk across the carpet or "rub" your feet on the carpet.

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