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Q: What cave formations are formed from water drippings on the cave floor?
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How are rock formations in the desert formed?

they are formed by dirt water and minerals

What are stalactites and stalagmites and why are they produced?

Stalactites and stalagmites are corresponding rock formations , stalactites being the ones on the roof of the cave and stalagmites the ones on the cave floor. Why are they formed? They are formed because water leaking into the caves craves out the rocks slowly into stalagmites and stalactites.

Where do sinkholes come from?

Sinkholes comes from expansion of dissolution hollows formed from action of water on bottoms of limestone formations.

Why is lakes formed on the floor of a rift valley?

water nobhead

Stalagmites are formed from?

Stalagmites, which are found in caves, are cone-shaped formations of calcium deposits made by calcium concentrated water dripping through the cave ceiling and onto the floor of the cave. Once the water evaporates, solid calcium is left behind thus forming a stalagmite. These deposits form like an icicle hanging from the cave roof.However not to be confused with a stalactite (which is a cone-shaped calcium deposit hanging from the ceiling of a cave), stalagmites are cone-shaped icicle formations of calcium deposits that build upward from the cave floor.

What are the water formations of the Dominican Republic?


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Mineral rich water heated by newly formed oceanic crust escapes through cracks in the ocean floor called?

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