What celebs are currently considered A List?

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was that an Indian film about a-list celebs? if so, madhur bhandarkar

He was rated a 10 on the "Celebs, Hot or Not!" list.

you never know sometimes celebs might have little crushes but for the most of it they where just acting. Alto celebs might be acting they could really love the person. Just like Zachary Gordon loves Peyton List

who command gives the list of users who have currently logged in......

You can meet the celebs in Hollywood,California!

Roughly 100 A list celebs, 400 B list etc. 300,000,000 in the USA. By that math 1 in 600,000. Good odds if you ask me

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Money , Cars , Other celebs And SEX

no celebs have club penguin

No such list is currently published.

is there a site that gives celebs cell number?

66% of celebs take drugs.

no there is not any celebs with stickler syndrome

She is currently single but she has dated these celebs .Marc Blucas .Matthew Perry .Tate Donovan .Scott Patterson .Brad Pitt

just type in celebs name and u go in

55,000 to 90,000 or more depending if you are a-list or b-list. Most a-list celebs do not do lifetime movies, for most lmn budgets are too small to pay mainstream actors.

The advantage to twitter for us none celebs are so we can have a Neb at what celebs are up to and so that celebs can big themselves up about how many followers they have

she knows most other teenage celebs and also adult celebs.

Paddington Bear definitely does !!!! :) Hope you find some more celebs...

they want to be celebrity too, so celebs are like role models to them.

no its only some random sims that are celebs

no not at all stardoll make the celebs or realcelebs because people can pretend to be a celeb to be on the real celeb list but that's why they do that so your answer is No sorry

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