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Volume is measured in cubic units

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How many cubic centimeters equal 10 centimeters?

None, cubic centimetres are a unit of volume, centimetres are a unit of distance.

Whats the derived unit of volume?

A litre is a unit derived as the volume of 1000 cubic centimetres or 1 cubic decametre.

Formula to change volume in centimetres into litres?

This formula doesn't exist.A centimetre is a unit of length and a litre is a unit of volume.

How many Liters are in a centimeter?

The units are incompatible. Litres are a unit of volume centimetres are a linear unit

How do you convert litres to centimetres?

This conversion is impossible.Litre is a unit of volume and centimetre is a unit of length.

What is the dimension for volume?

Volume has three dimensions. It has a cubic unit (or written as a unit cubed), eg a cubic centimetre. The metric volume unit of a litre is the same as 1,000 cubic centimetres.

Which unit can be use for the volume of a slice bread?

you would use centimetres to measure the volume for a slice of bread

How many centimetres in thirty one litres?

A centimeter is a unit of distance. A liter is a unit of volume. They do not translate.

Convert one litre into centimetres?

The conversion is not possible.Centimetre is a unit of length and the litre is a unit of volume.

How many centimetres in one litre?

The transformation is not possible.A centimetre is a unit for length and a litre is a unit for volume.

How many centimetres are there in one litre?

It is an impossible conversion.The centimetre is a unit of length and the litre is a unit of volume.

How much is 1cm in 3mL?

Centimetres are a unit of length/distance whereas millilitres are a unit of volume. You cannot convert between the two.There is, however, a relationship between cubic centimetres (cm3) and millilitres as both are units of volume. There are 3 cm3 in 3 mL.

What is the volume of an Ikea storage unit?

The volume of an Ikea storage unit can vary depending on the type of box or basket purchased from Ikea. It can be anywhere from seven thousand, four hundred and forty eight centimetres cubed to ten thousand and five centimetres cubed.

How do you convert cups to centimeters?

You can't just convert any unit to any other unit. The units must be of a compatible type. Thus, you can convert a unit of length to another unit of length, a unit of area to another unit of area, or a unit of volume to another unit of volume. Volume of things can be measured in cubic centimetres, perhaps that is what you meant.

If you are measuring the capacity of a bucket what unit of measurement should you use?

A unit of volume - litres, gallons, cubic inches or cubic centimetres are examples.

What unit do you use for solid volume?

Depends on the size, but probably cubic centimetres, litres or cubic metres.

Which unit is the volume of space figure measured?

cubic metres, cubic centimetres or litres are the main ones.

What is the metric unit for volume?

You can use m3 (metres cubed), cc (cubic centimetres), or litres. ---------------------------------------------------- Only the cubic metre is the official unit for volume in SI. Litre is considered as an "accepted" value.

What is a metric unit for lengthvolumeand weight?

Length could be centimetres. Volume could be litres. Weight could be kilograms.

A Cube is 6 inches on side what is its volume in SI unit?

The SI unit of length is the metre, the SI unit of volume is the cubic metre 6 inches = 0.1524 metre, or 15.24 cc. so 63 cubic inches = 15.243 cubic centimetres 0.15243 cubic metres = 3539.605824 cubic centimetres, or in 3.53956 cubic metres.

What is the label for volume?

The SI standard unit of volume is the cubic metre (m3). The metric system also includes the litre (L) as a unit of volume, and 1 litre = (10 cm)3 = 1000 cubic centimetres. The US unit of volume is cubic inches (in3). The US system also includes fluid ounces as a unit of volume. Liquid volume is often measured in cups, pints, and quarts.

How many centimetres are there in 3.8 centimetres?

Centimetres and centimetres are the same unit. Therefore, 3.8 centimetres is equal to 3.8 centimetres.

How do you convert picowatts into cubic centimeters?

You can't. Picowatts is a unit of power. Cubic centimetres is a unit of volume. It would be the same as asking how to convert a horse to a house.

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