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The winters were cold

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Challenges colonists faced during colonization?

What were some of the challenges the colonies faced?

What were some of the challenges faced by Pennsylvania in the early years as a colony?

The Pennsylvania settlers faced challenges of cold winters, lack of hunting skills, and lack of planting skills. this led to diseases and malnutrition.

What was some of the difficulties colonists faced in Pennsylvania?

they didnt have money for themselfs

What were challenges faced by immigrants when they entered the US?

What were challenges faced by immigrants when they entered the USA

Name three economic challenges that southerners faced after the Civil War?

challenges southerns faced

What was the challenges queen hatshepsut faced?

she faced that she was a female

Human resource challenges faced by samsung - slide6?

Human resource challenges faced by samsung

What are the challenges cartier faced?


How did Sacagawea face her challenges?

she faced her challenges by being resilient

What challenges did George Washington Carver faced?

george Washington carver faced a lot of challenges but he achieved them tho in 1874

What challenges did Bill Clinton face?

Bill Clinton faced a great many challenges throughout his lifetime. During his presidency he faced political challenges from the country and people.

What kind of challenges did Albert Einstein face?

He faced math challenges

What are challenges that sacagawea faced?

she faced the dangers of the Luis and Clark expedition

What challenges did the Iroquois faced?


What challenges has Steve Jobs faced?


What were the challenges the knights faced in medieval?


What group of colonists faced hostility as a result of their views regarding the declaration of independence?

The Patriots are the group of colonists that faced hostility.

What are the Challenges of management information system?

what are the challenges faced in management information system

What was some challenges that Taylor Lautner faced?

baseball challenges that's what i guess

What challenges did Obama faced?

You spelled faced and not face that is why you don't have a answer.If your question is what challenges will Obama face........... well I don't know.But if your question is what challenges did he face well............ I still don't know.

Challenges faced during field work?

There are a number of challenges that are faced during field work. Not knowing the environment for example can be a huge challenge.

What challenges faced american society due to martin luther kings assassination?

what challenges faced american society due to king's assassination

What are the problems faced by amul and their remedies?

challenges faced by amul in recent years

What challenges did the builders of the canal faced?

they faced malileria and yellow fever samantha

What where some challenges Christopher Columbus faced?

he faced without food and water

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