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What channel does CNN come on if you have Time Warner cable?

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In what channel does sonic x come on?

it used to come on channel 12 on time warner cable but they just cancelled it

What channel for Court TV on Cable Time Warner?

Court TV shows can be found on WWOR TV channel 9 on Time Warner cable. Many shows come on here such as Divorce Court, The Peoples Court and Judge Alex.

Do bakugan gundalian invaders work?

if you have time warner cable they are on channel 61. but they dont come on, on sundays.

What channel does The Walking Dead come on Time Warner Cable?

AMC Network (channel 48 for Time Warner members) broadcasts The Walking Dead. Season 4 has ended and Season 5 will premiere in October of 2014. From there on an episode will be on every Sunday at 9pm EST (Eastern Standard Time).

What time does Good Luck Charlie play on family channel?

Good Luck Charlie does not come on family channel. It comes on Disney Channel. If you have Time Warner Cable channel 18 HD 1200. If you have direct tv it is channel 280 and 281 i think. I can't help you if you don't have one of those TWC or direct.

What channel does Anime Network come on if you have Time Warner Cable?

it comes on 405 and it gets new episodes every thursday, has anime network, adult swim, g4, adult tv, on there

What channel does wgn come on in Cincinnati?

If you've got Time Warner expanded basic/standard in Hamilton County, it's on Channel 97.

When and what channel does Vampire Diaries come on?

The Vampire Diaries is on the C.W. If you have time warner, it is most likely on channel 13, on thursdays at 8:00.

When did breaking dawn come out on demand on Time Warner cable?

As of February 12th, 2012, no exact date has been provided.

What time does superstars come on?

8:00 to 9:00 on channel 06 bright house cable

What channel is smakdown on cable?

WWE Smackdown is not on MyNetwork, country music is on. What channel does WWE Smackdown come on with Knology cable?

What channel is NBC in Time Warner cable?

Under "whats on" click channel lineup. It will ask you to make an account, do it. Then you'll come to a page that looks like when you hit menue on your remot. To the left there's a search bar. search nbc. **Make sure your not looking at msnbc** For me its channel 2. Check the related link, for more information.

What time does goosebumps come on?

As of June 2014, the only major channel that has Goosebumps is the cable channel Hub. The show airs daily at 2 PM.

What time does 'Vampire Diaries' come out?

if u mean what time its on at it is... (cable) channel 8, 7-9pm on thursday, or channel 29, 8-9pm on friday!

What channel does the Ellen show come on in atlanta ga?

It come on at 10:00 am on CBS channel 46. (It's channel 4 on Charter cable)

What channel is Invader Zim come on in Texas?

Depends on the cable you have.

What channel does dbz come on?

It varies by provider, but Cartoon Network is the primary channel. Check with your cable company.

How do you get a show on the discovery channel?

You go to the discovery channel and if you have the new kind of cable then click guide and look for the show you want in the row and wait until the time it says it will come on at.

Time Warner Cable Converter Ref Code s0900?

TWC doesn't know what it is - they tell you they cant do anything then ask you to wait 4 days for a technician to come out- best thing to do is change cable providers

What channel is WWE raw come on xfinity?

what channel does raw come on with xfinity

What channel does American Idol come on?

well, on cable, every Tuesday and Wednesday @ 8 o'clock, on channel 5

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