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What channel is 4KIDSTV on?

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The channel is different depending on who your television provider is and where you live. Check with your television provider to find out.

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What channel is 4kidstv?

Channel 03

Is 4kidstv on dish network?

As of right now DISH Network does not currently provide a channel called, 4kidstv.

How do you get points for your avatar on 4kidstv?

Watch 4kidstv on channel 03 for codes,then type the code[s] in the box for points.

What channel on dish network is 4kidstv?

4kidstv is not currently available on DISH service. All feedback is appreciated though.

Why does Kirby Right Back At ya or Kirby of The Stars not show in Disney channel anymore?

It was never Disney channel only 4kidstv

What channel is the winx club on?

CW and 4kidstv. FlorasEnchantix: Like I said to another answer " C'mon you got to be more specific than that!"

What channel is 4kidstv on with dish network?

You can go to 4KidsTV's website to find the channel where you can watch these programs in your area. There is a link on the right of the screen View the TV Schedule and Find Your Channel. From this link you can find the channel and programs with times it is broadcast.

What chanel is for 4kidstv on cox tv?


What time and day can you watch mew mew power on tv?

They used to play it on 4kidstv, but they cancled that show cause it was finished, so I don't think they play mew mew power on any channel.

What is 4kidstv address?

If you mean email adress then its

Will mew mew power come back on 4kidstv?

The people who originally made Tokyo mew mew didn't like the way they put it in English form. there for it won't come back to 4kidstv.

Is Winx Club Season 4 going to be on 4KidsTV?

I think it is if it is it is cool.

Famous cartoon characters?

Lots of Disney, Warner Brothers, Pixar, Dreamworks, and 4kidsTV

What are some cheats for robots on ps2?

cubix: robots for everyone is on 4kidstv at 7:00 and 7:30

Did 4kidstv ever show mew mew power episode 27?

Yes. I watched it ages ago.

Does mew mew power finish all their episodes in English?

Sadly no. The reson why also ties into why mew mew power is no longer on 4kidsTV , 4kidsTV lost there dubbing rights somehow and only did I think 20 more or less episodes. On YouTube u can watch Mew Mew Power in French and have English subtitles I think the French version was the only version to keep the name Mew Mew Power also the series finale was not shown in English and was not on 4kidsTV and the episode number was 52.

What time is winx club on?

On 4kidstv, It's on Saturdays from 7:00a.m to 8:00a.m. There is two episodes per Saturday.

What happened to 4kidstv?

ended it reign on fox but still strives as a company and started on CW or wb for thouse who still remember the name

Is there going to be a new sonic Show on 4kidstv Soon just like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

no it going on The CW4K!DS

When is the last Sonic X episode going to air?

It already did. episode 78, now 4kidstv shows only re-runs

Is there a way to get 4kids TV on direct TV?

Yes,it is 100% possible,in fact I have 4kidstv and I have Direct tv,you just need CW.

Why did the 4kids tv block end?

4Kids didn't have the money to run two blocks, so they shut down 4KidsTV in favor of CW4Kids.

Is there another pic on Sonic X 4KIDSTV Color Blast?

nope sorry that makes it boring but here is a tip you can almost make scourge silver or shadow

Where you can wach free Yu-Gi-Oh gx?

Go on to youtue and type in Yu-Gi-OH GX US and you can watch it in English from 4kidstv

Where can you watch yu-gi-oh online for free?

You could try YouTube but 4Kidstv is the best and free place to watch it. I think they have all yugiohs.