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What channel is oxygen on?

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If you have Verizon then its 144

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What channel is oxygen on regular TV?

Oxygen is on channel 73

What channel is oxygen is oxygen on basic cable?

Channel 73

What channel is oxygen on when you have comcast?

I live in Florida and have Comcast... Oxygen is Channel 83 for me.

What channel is the bad girls club?

The Oxygen Channel.

What channel is The Bad Girls Club on?

The channel of The Bad Girls Club is channel 73!(oxygen)its also on 65 but whatever channels u have its oxygen

What channel is it on oxygen on Time Warner?

Channel 12 (for NYC)

What channel is oxygen on charter basic cable?

Channel 228

What channel is oxygen for dish?

Oxygen is on channel 127, available with our America's Top 200 and above programming packages.

What channel is The Bad Girls Club on with comcast?

Oxygen Channel 123

What type of broadcasting does the Oxygen Channel offer?

The Oxygen channel mainly features programming for women. Some of the types of programming found on Oxygen are reality programs, reruns and movies. The channel was purchased by NBC Universal in 2007.

What is oxygen cable channel?


What channel is glee project on?


What channel is oxygen on for charter cable in rancho cucamonga ca?

channel 228 : )

What channel is the bad girls club on regular cable?

It is on the Oxygen channel, you will have to check your local listings for which exact channel # that is.

Is the Oxygen channel available in HD?


What cHannel is oxygen in New Mexico?


What channel is the glee project on?

It is on Oxygen Network.

What channel is the oxygen channel?

It depends on your cable or satellite provider. Check their website or call them and ask.

What channel is bad girls club on if you have directv?


Did Time Warner drop the oxygen channel?


What channel is OXYGEN on dish network?

Channel 127 on America's Top 200, 250, and Everything Pak

If you have direct TV what channel does Americas next top model come on?

Channel 251 which is labeled Oxygen.

What channel is Oxygen?

Check with your local cable or satellite company.

What channel does bad girl club come on on dish network?

Oxygen is available on DISH Network channel 127

What channel is Americas Next Top Model on?

It is currently on the CW. You can find replays on Oxygen, Style, and Bravo. For Verizon Fios, it's on channel 144 (oxygen) from 2:00 pm through 8:00 pm

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